We often encourage our clients to add media (links to sites that are pertinent to their business, videos, presentations, etc.) to their LinkedIn profiles. It’s yet another opportunity to share information and expertise. Media sharing also adds interest to profiles beyond words, and makes profiles multi-dimensional. If you’ve ever wondered how to add media to your profile, follow the simple steps and best practices listed below.

You will first want to click on the pencil icon in any particular section of your profile in order to enter edit mode:

Once in edit mode, you can scroll down to the bottom of the edit dialog box in order to find the option to add Media:

If you are sharing a link to a site, video or other information found online, click on “Link,” paste the link into the field that appears and click “Add.”

A new dialog box will appear with an image that represents that link, along with a Title field and a Description field. These fields serve as sort of captions for the content that you’re sharing, so you’ll want to fill in these fields with the information that you want people to see, and that will encourage them to click.

Keep in mind that these fields may autopopulate with information that was previously saved with the video or link. You’ll want to carefully review and edit that information so that it says what you want it to.

You’ll follow the same process for Uploading a file. Simply click the “Upload” button and add a Title and Description that allows you to intro this information. The final result will look like this on your Profile:

You’ll notice that the Title that I entered is visible in the view above. When you click on the thumbnail, you’ll see the description that I entered:

Take some time to think through what media to add and how you will present it. It will enrich your profile and provide greater insight into the work that you do. Happy updating!

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