Ever wanted to add a Linkedin group to your Linkedin Company page? Well now you can!

Key Takeaways

  • Linkedin now allows featuring up to three groups on Company Pages, enhancing visibility and engagement.
  • Not limited to company-operated groups; any relevant group where you’re a member or admin can be featured.
  • Beneficial for increasing traffic between Company Pages and groups, fostering community and resource sharing.
  • Ideal groups include Twitter Chat Groups, Networking or Community Groups, Resource or Information-based Groups, and Employee or Training Groups.
  • Ensure to publish changes after adding groups to your Company Page and check the sidebar for correct display.

The LinkedIn Groups Feature is Ramping Up

Many companies use Linkedin Groups as a way to generate leads and network without having to direct people to their Company Page.

However unless you make it blatantly obvious that the group is associated with or moderated by your company, it’s hard for users to make the connection and for your business to benefit.

Now Linkedin has been rolling-out numerous updates to personal profiles as well as company pages and their most recent update lets you feature a group on the sidebar of your company page.

By adding a Linkedin Group to Your company page you should expect to see an increase in traffic and engagement between the two — especially if you manage the group.

Also it’s a good idea to reference your company page from within the group you manage so that both can grow in numbers.

Keep in mind: You can Feature up to 3 Groups on your Company Page.

Types of LinkedIn Groups to Feature

So far I haven’t seen too many Linkedin Company Pages utilizing this new feature which means one of two things. Either they have no idea this feature exists, or they haven’t yet created their own industry related group.

Don’t know where to start? These are a few of the groups I’ve seen other companies or brands featuring on their company profiles.

  • A Twitter Chat Group
  • A Networking or Community Group
  • A Resource or Information based Group
  • An Employee or Training Group

Keep in mind you must either be a member or an admin of each group to feature it on your company page.

Video Tutorial

Now a good thing to remember here is that the groups you decide to feature don’t necessarily have to be the ones your company operates.

For example I added SEMpdx and PDX Marketing Pro to my company’s Linkedin page because we are based in Portland and find those groups to be a valuable resource to our followers.

After selecting the Linkedin groups you would like to feature on your company page make sure to scroll back up to the top and hit the publish button to save the changes.

Finally take a look at your company page’s side bar to make sure your added Linkedin Groups are appearing correctly. Easy enough right?

PS: Out of 71 tutorials, this is the first episode where I jumped in front of the camera, and I expect to get much better and more personable from week to week, so let me know if you liked the change!

Have you set up a group for your company on Linkedin? What other benefits come from adding a Linkedin Group to your company page

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