LinkedIn MentionsLinkedIn launched Mentions this morning, a new way for members to engage in professional conversations by mentioning connections and companies on the LinkedIn Homepage. I’m super excited about this because I have at least a dozen use cases for this new feature:

  1. Share content a connection may be interested in
  2. Give kudos to someone in your network who is in the news
  3. Highlight a connection who wrote a great blog post
  4. Mention a connection who is featured in a (work appropriate) video
  5. Thank colleagues you just completed a project with
  6. Highlight peers you’re looking forward to seeing at an upcoming conference
  7. Give a shout out to people you’re speaking on a panel with
  8. Share a memorable quote by someone you’re connected to
  9. Respond to someone who commented in a status update you’ve engaged with
  10. Congratulate someone on a promotion or a new job
  11. Show appreciation to a company that just provided you with great service
  12. Mention a company that’s featured in a positive light in the news

How will you use this new feature on LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments below or tweet it to me @cheesycons.

Mentions is rolling out to all English-speaking members starting today.

If you don’t see Mentions in your LinkedIn experience yet, check out the Slideshare below for a sneak preview.