Are you looking for an accessible and viable social media channel for your business? The recent article, 7 Steps To Get Targeted Leads From LinkedIn for Small Businesses by Greig Wells shows that there are more than 100 million LinkedIn users in the U.S. alone as of last year, and nearly forty percent of them access LinkedIn daily. This increasing popularity is very significant for a business owner to take advantage of this social media platform to generate targeted leads.

Here are seven steps on how to reach targeted leads using LinkedIn.

  1. Link to your business site: Adding a link to your business’ site is the initial step to get leads from LinkedIn. You can add up to three links to your profile, so take advantage of this and hyperlink your business’ website. Ensure your contact information is shown predominantly on your profile for potential customers.
  1. Make your profile attractive and unique: Be creative by adding eye catching photos or videos that will automatically play when users land on your profile. If your business isn’t boring, then your profile shouldn’t be either. Let it be as original as you are.
  2. Post As Often as Possible: It is necessary to post updates on your LinkedIn profile regularly, the earlier the better. According to Lana Khavinson, the senior product marketing manager at LinkedIn, morning posts get the best engagement. Of course, posting anytime is better than nothing at all.
  3. Utilize the InMail Messaging Tool: The LinkedIn Sponsored InMail campaign is a tool offered by LinkedIn that lets you reach out to other Linkedin members that you are not connected to. This is a quick and easy way to broaden your business network.
  4. Include a call to action: Discuss what your business is all about and how your product or service can benefit potential clients. Be sure to include call to action predominately and be ready to respond quickly.
  5. Join groups: Networking increases your opportunity for new leads and improve your overall targeting success. LinkedIn offers a great way to expand your reach. Get social- join a group!
  6. Participate in discussions: Participate in LinkedIn discussions to extend your scope. Comment on a popular topic or post your own-get people talking.

Social media is a powerful tool in marketing when you know how to it. Investing in tools like LinkedIn can be that extra boost your business needs to get those valuable targeted leads.

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