Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

Just as your personal LinkedIn profile page is the primary representation of yourself and your brand, (as you have to use your personal account for group activity and comments), your LinkedIn company page is an extension of your company’s values and ideals.

This page is where you can truly reinforce your brand message and provide a forum for more detailed insight about your company. It will also be one of the primary places where you’ll publish content on a consistent basis. Your company page blurs the line between knowledge-sharing and relationship-building, making it an optimal resource for securing quality connections on LinkedIn.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your company page as recommended by the foremost expert in the field–LinkedIn itself.

1) Optimize your company overview

Similar to the importance of using keywords on your personal page, you can make it easier for the right people to find your company page by adding SEO terms to the description and ‘Specialties’ sections. The description section will mimic the summary section of your personal profile in terms of the scope it covers and the story you want to tell. The specialties section is a unique opportunity to enumerate what your company excels in through brief terms that will be more noticeable when someone visits the page.

2) Draw people in with dynamic design

There’s not much flexibility in terms of layout on a LinkedIn page, as you follow the template they provide. However, you can keep the page fresh and uniquely yours with a dynamic logo and cover image that not only reflects your company’s personality, but also its accomplishments. For example, if you’ve recently hit a key number of followers, or if you’re on the verge of a product release–incorporate those details into your cover banner.

3) Showcase pages

If your business has multiple lines or initiatives, each with it’s own unique messaging or audience, then you should consider creating dedicated Showcase Pages, which can better differentiate between your various distinctive offerings.

4) Highlight featured groups

You can connect all of your LinkedIn communities by using the “Featured Groups” option to show groups you manage or participate in on your company page.

5) Be on top of company updates

This is where you can post relevant content that will not only enhance your thought leadership, but can also serve as conversion opportunities that direct connections to your website or towards premium offers you might be sharing. Every like, comment, and share on your company updates increases your overall reach, so encourage your followers into action.

6) Study page analytics

Get insight into what’s working and what’s not by using the built-in analytics tool to test frequency, topics, and formats. You can get a sense of how your posts are doing, where your followers are coming from, and understand performance trends across time periods you define.

7) Connect the company itself

To really strengthen your company’s presence and further build authority, ensure that all company employees can be found through the page. That means making sure that all of your employees have LinkedIn, and have connected to the page, making them easy to find when someone is looking at your company page.

There are a lot fewer components to a company page than there are in your personal profile page, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Don’t lose any of the goodwill you built up with your detailed, optimized profile by having connections visit a weak, undefined company page. You’ve spent a lot of time on building out your business, and it is representative of your achievements and your success.

So too, your company page is the first and best example that all of the experience and skills you’ve enumerated on your profile amount to something tangible and impressive. You’re proud of your company? Be proud of your company page.