LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn is a unique social network. It is where a broad range of professionals spend their time online, and there are a lot of them who do so! The perception that people set up their profile and then forget about LinkedIn is unfair too, as in April 2015, there were 187 million unique monthly visitors to LinkedIn.

But what are these people doing when they are on LinkedIn? It is one of three things:

  • Connecting and engaging with their individual connections
  • Participating in LinkedIn groups
  • Checking out company profiles and updates

If someone is checking out your company page, then you want that to reflect what your business is all about. To help you do that, here are 7 tips to impressing the audience with your LinkedIn company page:

1) Set up your page correctly – Make sure that the description of your business on your page is accurate, and that you display all of the products and services that you sell. You can add some rich media here, so make sure you use it – it’s more engaging.

2) Target your updates – If you are lucky enough to have a large company page following, you will soon realise that sending one message to all of your audience will not work – you need to segment. And you are able to segment by company size, seniority of role, location and more. And when you do share your message, include good wuality images: stock photos won’t do it!

3) Sponsor key posts – Ensuring that your update is seen by your audience is not easy. Not everyone is online at the same time particularly if you have an international audience, although digging into the analytics will help you know when best to post. So for your most important posts, consider sponsoring them.

4) Careers page – LinkedIn is more than just somewhere to find a job – but having said that, it is still somewhere that people go to find a job! You should set up a careers page to promote your business and attract the best calibre of candidate. Again, this can be sponsored if you are trying to recruit for a particularly important.

5) Your staff can help – A great way to kickstart your LinkedIn company page is to ask your staff to interact with your page. They can help to share your posts, which will expose your messages to your staff’s connections, and can even get involved in creating content for the page.

6) Don’t always be selling – When you do some research into why people unfollow social media accounts, one of the key reasons is because the account is always selling their product. You should have a mix of content about your industry, your business and content that your audience would find useful or entertaining.

7) Know your analytics – The LinkedIn analytics package is getting better and better after every update. In the package now, you will be able to tell what posts were engaged with, so you will be able to work out pretty quickly what day, time and style of content is working.

Do you have any top tips for LinkedIn company pages that have worked for you?

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