Did you know that 467 million people use LinkedIn worldwide?

Standing out on LinkedIn can be a very difficult task, especially as you’re having to compete with hundreds of millions of users looking to achieve the same as you are on LinkedIn; sales.

As someone who has been using LinkedIn for the last 10 years, I have learnt how to use the platform to my advantage, and I want to share with you 7 discreet ways to get noticed on LinkedIn that are extremely effective.

If you want to build your connections just like I have, keep on reading to find out 7 ways to get noticed on LinkedIn.

1. Deliver Great Content

LinkedIn is a professional network, and your content must reflect this. Posting the same content on LinkedIn as you would on Instagram will get you noticed for all of the wrong reasons. Get involved in conversations within your industry and find out what “pain” you need to solve for your target market and write about it. Make sure you that you post your content as a status update, as well as posting your content to LinkedIn Pulse for maximum exposure. This is one of the best ways to get noticed on LinkedIn.

2. Endorse Connections

It’s a discreet, but one of the most effective ways to get noticed on LinkedIn. On your profile you will see a list of skills with a plus sign next to them. If a connection of yours clicks on that plus sign, they are endorsing you, and letting your audience know that that is trusted skill of yours.

If someone endorses you, make sure that you endorse them back, and vice versa.

3. Make Sure Your Profile Is Visible

It may seem simple, but one of the best ways to get noticed on LinkedIn is to actually just BE on LinkedIn, and be visible. Having a private profile would mean that it’s difficult for people to find you on both LinkedIn and through Google.

You want to be visible for your keywords, so make sure you use them in your job description, headline, summary and throughout your work experience.

4. Tag Your Connections In Your Posts

When you upload a piece of content and post about it on LinkedIn you can tag your connections with the @ sign. This is a great way to show that you have listened to your audience, and are delivering content that they have specifically asked for. It is important that you don’t overuse this feature as you will get reported for spam, and likely have your account restricted.

5. Sponsored Updates

If you have calculated advertisement costs, and willing to spend money on getting your profile and content noticed on LinkedIn, take a look at sponsored updates. It works similar to Facebook where you can choose your targeting options so that you are only reaching those who are your target audience.

6. Ask For Recommendations

Reciprocity is key on LinkedIn especially for endorsements and recommendations. Ask your audience to recommend you for the product/service you have provided them with. You can use LinkedIn’s “request a recommendation” feature to prompt your audience to back up your knowledge and experience but remember; do the same for them.

7. LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics have updated their offering, and there is so much data you can now analyse. One of the new LinkedIn features that has been recently introduced will help businesses better analyse the content they share. You can now access data around the content you share, rather than just who views your profile, and who likes your posts.

You can now see who interacts with you content, as well as the companies associated to that connection and their role.

I hope that, after reading my 7 discreet but effective ways to get noticed on LinkedIn will give you the inspiration you need to grow your audience.

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