Considering that marketing is an effort intensive process that involves multitasking, it is useful to have technology to organize and streamline the job. There are very select tools available to aid marketing on LinkedIn, but the functionality what they offer can help you create a dramatic difference in your marketing performance. This article highlights 6 such tools and what you can do with them.


(Source: SlideShare 101)

SlideShare is an excellent extension to LinkedIn’s professional feel. On the platform, you can share content in the presentation format – a great format for re-purposing content. You could turn an old blog post, podcast or video into a quick bunch of slides highlighting your best points, examples and studies to support them. Some companies even share presentations from the latest conferences or seminars. Every infographic that you’ve created should also go up on SlideShare. The platform has a ‘Clip’ feature, allowing users to save and reuse a slide elsewhere, and that shareability is great for branding, if you have branded your slides/infographic. Need more convincing to use SlideShare? The platform has over 60 million unique visitors each month, and slides from top brands like Heinz or LinkedIn itself receive tens to hundreds of thousands of views. At a small cost, the company also offers users analytics – referral numbers, sources and content performance.



So much of marketing is now reliant on data. Marketers prefer to build strategy on what they know will work rather than go into the process blind. While LinkedIn has recently opened up their platform to data tracking, there are some insights that external apps like Unmetric can provide. For instance, Unmetric can shadow your competitors, assess their content and tell you what’s working for them. You can also benchmark your progress against your competitors’ on the app. If you regularly run marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, Unmetric gives you access to post-campaign analytics to measure how your audience reacted to it.

LinkedIn is extensively used for recruitment by many marketers. If you’re one of them, and want to learn how to post jobs on the platform, Unmetric creates a collective picture of job postings on LinkedIn, their performance and helps you identify the best way to approach the task.



It isn’t enough to be great at what you do, to stand out in today’s market you have to be great at content. While you could obsess and create all of your content by yourself, you can’t be certain of giving your audience the best value that’s available in your niche. So, branch-out. Follow the best of the best in your niche and curate more value than you can create for your audience. On DrumUp, you can pick ten excellent content sources for thought-leadership content – Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, Social Media Examiner and the works, and choose to receive recommendations of or to auto-post their content – while adding your own comments in the post description field. With click-to-add @mention and hashtag recommendations, you can create a high-quality presence on LinkedIn with ease. The advanced scheduling features help you target your audience better, and repeat posting and the content library ensure that you make the most of the value you create. If you’re struggling with limited reach, the app also offers an employee advocacy module and a promote-your-post option for amplification.



How do you know you’re doing well on LinkedIn, or any social platform? You check the pulse of your page, or calculate its impact score. You can use Klout to do it for you. What if the results are bad, and it turns out that you aren’t as strongly positioned as you imagined? You work at increasing engagement on that platform. You go back to your content strategy and identify which decisions are letting you down. While you could do all of that, there is also a quick-fix. Do something dramatic that you know will work. Using Klout, you can implement a user generated content campaign. How do you get users to create content for you? You ask, with some help from the app. On Klout, you can target specific groups of an audience that are likely to include your brand influencers. The app helps you encourage and excite those influencers to generate content and then to run campaigns driven by that content. Finally, to track the effect of the content, you can use in-app analytics.



Data and industry insights do well on LinkedIn. An infographic is a great way to share data and insights and is in fact, one of the most-shared types of content. Venngage is a app that helps you create infographics. If you have considered making one, you know it is an onerous task. But if you work with a template that has already been created, and have tools to help you plug-in text, graphs and icons with ease, creating an infographic becomes a more doable task. The app stocks a bunch of images, graphs, icons and charts for users to choose from. Again, all you have to do is add your text, click-to-add charts and graphs, and download/publish your infographic. Seeing as it is so easy to make, and clearly successful as a content format, there’s no excuse to marketers not leveraging the potential. You’re finished piece can be uploaded as is to SlideShare, or cut into pieces to make slides to share in the presentation format.



IFTTT is a free-form integrator that allows you to connect apps and devices that you use. The app has a host of interesting recipes for social media platforms, and LinkedIn in particular, allowing you to be efficient and experimental with content. If you’re central social platform of focus isn’t LinkedIn, but you still want content on the platform, you can cross-post the content you’ve already created for other social platforms. For instance, you can automatically post your Facebook status update to LinkedIn, share tweets on LinkedIn or top posts from any site you like to the platform. If your Facebook posts are a little too informal for LinkedIn, and you don’t want the actual post to be share, but you want your LinkedIn followers/connections to access that content, you can simply have IFTTT post links to your Facebook content on LinkedIn. This tactic is simply excellent for cross-platform follower growth and is effortless to implement.

Do you have an app that belongs on this list? Seeing that LinkedIn apps are few in number, it’d be great if we could create a complete list.