Getting the most from LinkedIn

You probably already use LinkedIn to expand your professional network and stay on top of industry news and trends. But have you thought about maximizing your company’s LinkedIn page as a way to generate leads and gain more influence in your industry?

Here are a five things you can do to get started:

1. Use visual images

Many people don’t think of using images on LinkedIn in the same way they would on Facebook or Google+. But it can add a lot more impact and pizzazz to your page, and make your page appear more professional and visually appealing. As a first step, be sure to upload a banner image to your page. Then, when posting status updates, include graphics or images whenever appropriate.

2. Use your company page’s Services tab.

Offer free e-books, articles, tools, etc. so visitors to your page can get a sampling of what you offer. Users will get a good idea of what your company does without having to open a new tab or follow a link to another site. Another rule of thumb here is to make sure you feature your best or most popular products at the top of the page so people see them first.

3. Ask for recommendations from happy customers.

You might have recommendations for your personal page already (if not, it’s a great thing to put on your to do list!). You will want to do this for your services and/or products as well. Use those recommendations to communicate social proof about the value of your offerings. As we all know, allowing others to sing your praises goes over a lot better – and gets more results – than when you do it yourself.

4. Post your job openings.

You have to pay a fee to post your job openings on LinkedIn, but it could be worth it if you are looking to bring in great talent (and who isn’t?). Keep in mind that you’d be fishing in a pool of higher caliber candidates than you would if you advertised to the general public. And, because LinkedIn shows relevant job openings to its users, you could get some excellent applicants that otherwise may not have found you.

5. Publish links to other social media.

Include links to your other social media channels on your LinkedIn company page to make it easy for visitors to connect with you, whatever their preferred social network may be.

How about you? How do you get the most out of your company’s LinkedIn profile? Let us know below!