Did you know that 98% of LinkedIn active users share content on the largest B2B social network?

LinkedIn is more than just a B2B social network. After LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft there have been a lot of great changes, but let’s not forget about some of their original features like LinkedIn groups.

I am involved in a number of LinkedIn groups, and find that they are a great way to engage with like-minded entrepreneurs and really understand what my audience WANTS from me.

If you haven’t ventured into LinkedIn groups, here are five ways you can use them to your advantage.

1. Show Your Expertise

LinkedIn groups are a great way to showcase your expertise. Getting involved in discussions and always being present is a great way to drive potential customers back to your LinkedIn profile, and over to your website.

Remember that a potential customer will, on average, “touch” your business seven times before making a purchasing decision so make sure that you are, at every possible opportunity, promote your expertise.

2. Ask Questions And Get Answers

For me, this is one of the biggest reasons why I use LinkedIn groups. I will always jump into groups, and answer questions if it is matched to my online expertise. I will also make sure to ask questions from my target audience inside of LinkedIn, to get their answers and feedback on future products, services, webinars and workshops.

Everything you do online should work towards positioning yourself as a thought leader, and answering questions is a great way to build on this.

3. Promote Engagement Through Content

As well as using LinkedIn Pulse to share content, I will always look at LinkedIn groups as a way to share my latest articles. Whilst it’s important not to over-promote your business inside of groups, sharing content that is relevant to that group.

Think about the content you create, and what will be suitable for the groups you are a member of. Not every piece of content will be relevant, so ask questions to find out exactly what they want to read, and how they want to read. They might just prefer a video or infographic when taking in new information so consider all of the different types of content you can share inside of LinkedIn groups.

4. Increase Your Network

When engaging inside of LinkedIn groups, consider ways in which you can increase your network. All of the above “ways” I have mentioned will attribute to growing your professional network. If you find that certain users are engaging with you, liking your content and asking you questions, they could be a potential customer so send them a personalized request, and follow up with a complimentary 30-minute call to see if you can help them.

5. Build Trust And Authority Through Consistency

The biggest piece of advice I can give you if you are going to get involved in a number of LinkedIn groups would be to stay consistent. If you know that you can only get involved in conversations, or post questions once a month, you will find that you won’t build trust and authority because you are not consistent.

The more engaged you get inside of groups, the more likely people are going to want to ask questions, and if you can’t make the time to answer these questions, then really think about ways you can spend just a few minutes a day staying consistent.

Now that I have taken you through five ways you can use LinkedIn groups for your business, let’s take this one step further.

Find out how I built a LinkedIn community of over 13,000 connections, 15,000 content followers, published over 300 articles and daily engagement that attributed to a 6-figure income.

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