LinkedIn marketing has emerged as the most viable marketing avenue for B2B marketing campaigns. It produces results that are significantly better than the other types of digital marketing methods. According to research conducted by NewsCred, the ROI of LinkedIn marketing is 17.6, whereas that of native ads is 14.9 and Google Adwords is 3.1. It gives a glimpse of what LinkedIn ads can achieve for businesses that run their marketing campaigns on a shoestring budget. LinkedIn is also the most favourite marketing channel of digital marketers among all the social media networks. An eMarketer survey has yielded the results that 64% marketers use LinkedIn for presale process and 51% use it post-sale. The second best is Twitter with 47% and 42% for pre-sale and post-sale engagement respectively. Your business can benefit immensely with LinkedIn Ads and by deploying the below five key methods, you can maximise their ROI.


#1. Create an Efficient Company Page

Consumers prefer buying products or services from businesses they deem authentic and credible. Since you’d be advertising on LinkedIn, having a company page on it is a rational choice since your potential clients are likely to visit it. It is, therefore, critical to make an efficient and insightful company page that offers useful information to your potential clients and help them choose the right product or service. An advertisement can help create a powerful first impression, and the business page will add credibility to your business. It will create a positive perception of your business among your target customers and increase the effectiveness of your LinkedIn ads thereby improving their ROI.

#2. Right Targeting

One of the main reasons for the success or failures of digital ad campaigns is the failure to target the right segments or number of segments. Focusing on too many segments can render the campaign ineffective as it would then look like a very generic ad campaign. Contrarily, companies often make mistakes of targeting a very narrow customer segments. It reduces their reachability. Targeting a low number of segments also means that the ads soon lose their attraction as the same customers will repeatedly view them. By expanding the targeted segments, your click through rate will increase. Hence, it is critical that the targeting process should encompass focusing on the right number of segments that are relevant to your business. Find a right balance to increase your LinkedIn ads’ ROI.

#3. Content Quality

Along with the right targeting, the content quality is equally critical. LinkedIn users browse for information that is important to them or helps them increase their knowledge. It is, therefore, crucial that the content served to them even through the ads must add value and help them find a solution for the challenges they are facing. Your LinkedIn ad is the first step in the process of engaging with the clients. So, focus on developing quality content so that your ads would arouse curiosity among the target audience. Use your creativity to make the ad content attractive as well as a succinct piece of information that clearly communicates what your business offers. Consequently, it will increase the click-through rate of your ads.

#4. Use LinkedIn ADs for Sale Conversion and Not Just Awareness

The ROI of ads can be maximised if you use the ad campaign as the tool for increasing sale conversion and not merely as an awareness campaign. The first point of engagement with the customers is to increase their awareness. However, it is necessary to further engage with the clients by identifying the warm and hot leads from the awareness part of the campaign and offering them more useful and relevant content that will drive these leads further towards the bottom of you sales funnel.

#5. Make Use of Multiple Combinations

Experiment with various combinations of your ad content and use multiple ads in a single campaign. Developing multiple ads also gives you the ability to target more customer segments as certain ads can be used to target specific sets of customers while the others can be used for the other sets. It will make your LinkedIn ads more relevant to them, which will lead to an increased click through rate and subsequently higher ROI.


Implementing these five methods will let you derive a superior ROI from your LinkedIn ad campaigns. These methods enable you to concentrate your efforts in the right direction which is necessary to succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

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