Create a LinkedIn Profile that Makes a Splash

spotlight-297727_640Is your professional profile on LinkedIn feeling a bit stale? Well the good news is it’s not too late to make changes that will make your brand or business stand out. One way to get started is by taking advantage of the new publishing platform, which allows users to post articles for their niche.

The possibilities are endless for creating great content to share on LinkedIn, which is presented directly on your profile. Not only can people share and leave comments, but also tweet your article on Twitter for more exposure.

In addition to publishing, there are a few other tweaks you can begin today, which will give your LinkedIn profile that much-needed boost with more network connections.

1. Re-evaluate your LinkedIn profile

The first step is to make an overall assessment of the current state of your profile. Don’t be afraid to edit and make changes that will create more focus, and communicates your areas of expertise. Be sure to turn off your activity alerts first under settings in privacy controls, and remove unnecessary information and groups that don’t relate to your business or brand.

2. Give your Summary a make-over

This is one of the most important places on a user’s profile on LinkedIn. Your Summary should be clear, concise, with an outline of the products and services you have to offer. Keep this section brief with a minimum of 40 words, and include relevant keywords for your industry.

3. Add visuals unique to you

What personality of your business or brand would you like to convey? A great way to show this is to include videos, links to current projects, and slide-shows. Let others know what you can offer them that stands out from the competition.

4. Correct mistakes

A typo or misspelled word can stand out like a sore thumb on your LinkedIn profile. It is well worth the time to do a thorough check-through and make the necessary proofreading corrections. A well-written profile is more professional, and attracts high influencers and potential employers.

5. Add a professional photo

The first thing people will notice on your profile is your picture. In order to make a great impression, consider hiring a photographer or have a photo taken at a professional studio for your LinkedIn profile. The best images are in full-color with good lighting.

With these five steps you can quickly and easily create a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out from the rest, and attracts more connections. You’ll enjoy a stronger network where you will feel comfortable engaging and sharing in!