LinkedIn has proven itself as one of the most effective platforms for generating leads and sales, and it’s easy to see why.

Combining all of the social connectivity features of other media platforms with a focus on users’ professional lives means being able to identify and directly connect with potential customers in positions or at companies who can use the service you offer. SaaS startups, in particular, can use LinkedIn to boost initial activity and interest, and it is a great platform for nurturing existing relationships, which is essential for SaaS companies.

Below, we share four SaaS marketing tips that startups can use to boost brand awareness and user engagement on LinkedIn and drive results:

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups

With LinkedIn, you can join groups related to your industry, which can be an effective way of both connecting with people who can use your service and determining areas for optimization. Keep in mind that LinkedIn groups aren’t the place for hard sells. We recommend making sure the content you distribute is related to industry happenings, and position yourself as someone who is a valid resource and engaged within the industry.

  1. Optimize Your Company Page
    Don’t fall into the habit of only describing your company’s functions on your page. Make content compelling and useful by explicitly stating what your company does to make a user’s life easier. Draw them in by mentioning problems your software solves, and how the ongoing service you provide will help them in the long-term.
  1. Have a Showcase Page
    LinkedIn Showcase Pages allow you to highlight your products and services individually. By creating unique Showcase Pages for elements of your business, you can target each particular product’s followers and interested parties. Particularly for SaaS companies, a Showcase Page allows you to created tailored content and distribute it directly to consumers interested in specific products and service.
  1. Maximize Your Content Production

LinkedIn is a great place to publish blog content since it makes sure that you are attracting eyes that can easily turn into conversions for your business. While it’s always a good idea to publicize your content across multiple platforms, maintaining a consistent presence on LinkedIn can help position you as thought leader within your industry. This is a great way for SaaS startups to show potential customers that you are an authority in your respected field, and that paying for your service will be well worth it.