I hear all the time that LinkedIn is confusing, hard, and time consuming.

Well, people are not wrong. Here’s 4 best LinkedIn tips that I can think of to offer you in your LinkedIn use.

The Profile Photo

First for this LinkedIn tips article, your profile picture needs to be clear, creative, and professional. Confused by that? That’s about what I read online from advice blogs on that matter.

I believe if you are you, let it show on LinkedIn, but always remember who you are trying to connect with and why. If you are a creative person, and branding yourself as such, a creative profile picture makes sense. Your audience you are trying to reach and do business with sort of expect that.

If you are a professional, like business consulting, then maybe power suit is the way to go.

Your Tagline, About Section, and posts

This is how LinkedIn search works. What you put here will impact how you are organically found on LinkedIn.

Think carefully about what you put here. Too simple, and you will not be clear about what you do. Too much, and people won’t remember or your terms are too broad.

Use keywords in the “About” section, but again, a well written about section is important because of the dreaded “…” ellipses. So place what it is you want seen first.

One last thing for this tip. Post content that is useful and is what your followers like to read about. You can use your metrics to see how well that does with a premium account.

Don’t connect with friends, family, and co-workers

This seems weird, but hang in there with me. The algorithm to me seems to want to connect people that lead you to potential job opportunities or business opportunities.

So unless you are related to someone who has that influence, connect on Facebook. LinkedIn is about introductions to who those you are connected with may know.

You already work professionally with people. So that makes no sense, unless you were not connected before that relationship.

Try to go from a 2nd or 3rd connection to a 1st with people you are connected with that you want to build a professional relationship with.

Direct Messages that care

Direct messaging is an art. I honestly wish I had that down, but there are days where it’s awkward. I’m a face-to-face one-on-one guy. So, I apologize to those about that.

The whole reason anyone reaches out is to partner for a business opportunity or job. So let’s not fluff that up. But that’s ok, because that is what the network is for. Helping others find what they need.

We all have to eat, so thank you very much to my LinkedIn connections for helping me do just that over the last few years.