There are 3 LinkedIn profile questions you must answer when creating your profile, or LinkedIn will likely not deliver anywhere near the results it should for you. That would be a crying shame, because the suit and tie social network can deliver in spades, if you let it.

LinkedIn Profile Question 1

Who is your target audience?

Are you targeting HR at financial institutions, for your next step up the corporate ladder? Maybe you’re selling

LinkedIn Target Audience
Have you nailed your target LinkedIn audience?

medical software. Okay, great; who are the decision makers for those purchases? Your sports marketing company does a bang-up job building sports brands. I bet; who hires you, and who has their ear?

The key is knowing who you want to appeal to, and what they want. It’s the age-old marketing truism that’s lost none of its luster: “Know Your Audience” If you know them and what makes them tick, you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle to not only creating a compelling LinkedIn profile, but marketing you and your business.

LinkedIn Profile Question 2

What are you offering them?

Okay, so you know your audience better than they know themselves, and you’ve got detailed buyer personas up the Whazzoo! Great! That’s a damned good start, but what do they want?

More specifically, what problem are you solving for them? Sure, that may be a little basic if you’re a marketer, but most of the people on LinkedIn aren’t….. except that they are! Everybody’s marketing themselves and/or their organizations on LinkedIn, whether they’re professional marketers, automotive engineers, or landscape architects.

Who do you want to attract, and what unique value can you give them?

Craft your profile so that your value comes through. Let them know you’re solving THEIR problem.

LinkedIn Profile Question 3

Why should they care?

What’s unique about you as it relates to them and their needs? The last part of that question is VITAL. Sure, you may be solving their problem, but there are 350 million LinkedIn members. You can bet at least some of them are solving the very same problem. For example, if you’re a landscape architect, there are 33,866 on LinkedIn as I write this. What do you have for your target audience that the other 33,865 don’t? What makes you not only one they should consider, but THE one they should decide on?

Look at your profile carefully. Does it showcase your:

  • value
  • target audience appeal
  • uniqueness
LinkedIn Profile Questions - Why You?
Why should your audience care? If you’re a personal trainer, what’s special about how you peel off the inches or pack on the muscle that makes you special?

Okay, great, does it do all this with credibility? That’s the next step to attracting your next client or employer. They’ve got to not only be impressed by your profile, and feel some attraction, but believe it. Sound like a prospective date? You’re not far off. You’re trying to start a great relationship, and whether that’s business or personal, it requires many of the same attributes.

Get these wrong, and you may as well post last month’s Batman comic. Don’t leave your LinkedIn Profile to chance. You career or business may be at stake. Ask these 3 questions before you publish you profile. If you didn’t, go back through it and see if it answers them.

Can’t write? So what, there are hundreds of folks out there who do excellent LinkedIn profile work. We’d be happy to take a look at yours and help you tick the boxes.

LinkedIn is one area where doing it right sure beats the pants off doing it wrong; especially if only one other competitor IS doing it right. If their LinkedIn Profile ticks all the boxes, they’ll likely get the business opportunity, and you won’t. You know how business works. You may never get another chance.