Three Reasons Why Linkedin is More Than Social Media

Linkedin, as many of us would relate it to as “Facebook with a Tie”. Some of us may also treat Linkedin like Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, Foursquare, Google Plus or like any other kind of social media network today.

However, Linkedin is more than that for these three simple reasons.

Linkedin Connects For a Business Reason

Linkedin makes "business handshakes" easier

The moment we connect with somebody on Linkedin, both parties will jolly well know that the connection is most likely for a business purpose; thereby seeking a win-win collaboration to see what are the ways which both parties could do to help one another.

Connecting on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network for business reason, may not be as clear and definite as that of Linkedin. At times, some people may not feel too comfortable to share business related stuff on social media networks other than Linkedin.

Linkedin Raises Your Expert Profile

Linkedin gives you a platform to position your personal brand as the expert in your industry. It helps to raise people’s perception of your professional image and credibility.

The potential of expert recommendation on Linkedin is some of the most powerful digital word-of-mouth marketing ever. This is because being recommended by other professionals who are experts in their own industry will definitely raise your own expert profile.

Linkedin is More Sustainable

The business model for Linkedin is relatively more sustainable than most social media networks. Linkedin does not need to have many active users as compared to that of Facebook or Twitter, it needs a niche community and that is it. While focusing only on the targeted audience of business professional community, it attracts more business professional active users than Facebook, Twitter or any other networks.

Over the years, Linkedin has been very focused on this business direction; instead of being for everybody, it stays tightly focus as a network for professionals and business people only; and such focus makes Linkedin very popular especially with those professionals that are in a B2B industry.

In Summary

Linkedin is not really social media. In fact, it is more than that. It is a sustainable network that allows business people to build a long term relationship through close connections with one another; and it is also a platform for professionals to increase their own industry expert profile as well.

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