Why Executives Need To Be Using LinkedIn

I was interviewing and optimizing the LinkedIn profile for the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a large organization, he asked me

Why do I need to invest in my LinkedIn profile if I’m not actually converting business?

This is a great question!

There are a lot of misconceptions that LinkedIn is simply for people who looking for jobs or for salespeople who are converting business.

LinkedIn IS an excellent resource for these people, but with over 337 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is much more.

Reason #1: LinkedIn Is The World’s Largest Business Network
LinkedIn is not the site where people are sharing what they had for breakfast or that they have just done a 10K run. This is where business people are connecting with business people.

This social channel is where your peers are INVESTING their time: connecting with other peers, reading relevant articles etc.

Reason #2: Your Executive Bio Speaks Volumes About Your Organization
As the top forward-facing brand ambassadors of a company, LinkedIn is the perfect opportunity to not only tell your personal story about your accomplishments, but it is also a huge opportunity to dovetail your company’s brand story about what your organization does, and who they help.

LinkedIn is one of the highest-ranked sites on Google when people are searching your name, so it’s important you make a great first impression for your and for your company.

An incomplete LinkedIn profile gives off the impression that you and your company aren’t detail-oriented or interested in modern-day social media marketing.

I see that companies often ensure senior level executives bios are highlighted on the corporate website, yet they don’t understand the LinkedIn presence is an extension of their bio. Also, every peer connection made on LinkedIn is also a missed opportunity to showcase the company brand story.

Reason #3: Your Participation In Social Media Builds Trust
BRANDFog’s 2014 CEO Social Media Survey says:

  • Social Media engagement builds better leaders
  • Executives who engage on Social Media create more transparency for the brand
  • 83% of US respondents said CEO participation in Social Media can build better connections with customers, employees and investors
  • more than 80% of respondents agree Social Media enhances the image and reputation of executives as forward-thinking, trend-setting leaders

Your current profile may be a basic list of the organizations you used to work for but you can use LinkedIn to effectively create a compelling story that will resonate with your peers, your staff and your investors.

  • Start with a professional image that immediately portrays confidence and authority.
  • Tailor your headline to showcase your company and how you help your target audience.
  • Craft a compelling and fascinating Summary that “speaks” to your connections. Write it in 1st person so it’s not a boring resume repurposed. Include accomplishments you’re most proud of and include information about your company.

Every day, you and your company are missing out on opportunities. Even if you aren’t actively selling in your current position, your brand presence means a great deal for your organization.