Must-Have LinkedIn Tools To Attract More Clients

With over 35% of users accessing LinkedIn every day and 25 million profiles viewed on a daily basis, LinkedIn is the most effective B2B marketing tool.

LinkedIn has, over the last 5 years become one of the leading social networks, and the most influential professional social network. With 2 new members joining LinkedIn every second, you, as a small business could be missing out on potential clients, and sales.

If attracting more sales on LinkedIn is important to your business (just like it is to me) then here are 3 amazing tools that will help you do just that.

Save time so you can focus on sales by using the below three must-have LinkedIn tools to attract more clients.

1. Rapportive

I have been using Rapportive as one of my favourite LinkedIn tools for years. It is a free add-on for those of you who are using Gmail. It works with both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Rapportive works by looking at the latest contact you email, and bringing up their social media accounts, as well as images so you can easily identify and research your contact. Rapportive now allows you to send a personalised LinkedIn invite to a potential connection, without leaving your Gmail inbox.

2. LinkedIn Connection Revealer

Having a large network on LinkedIn means you can reach a larger audience with the content you share. I have over 10,000 connections on LinkedIn and this has allowed me generate a 5-figure sum, just from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Connection Revealer does exactly what it says; reveals connections. When a user has more than 500 connections, it will just say 500+. You can now bypass this with a plugin called LinkedIn Connection Revealer so you can see exactly how many connections someone has. This will only work with your 1st level connections, and is specifically for Google Chrome users.

3. Headlinr

Earlier this year I wrote an article on creating the perfect headline for a blog, and how important it is for you to do this. Whilst Headlinr is a paid LinkedIn tool, it is great for those of us who struggle to write headlines. Just like the above tool, it is a Google Chrome plugin and once you give it your topic of interest, it will give you hundreds of worthwhile headlines you could use for your next piece of content.

Doing this will give you a better chance of your network seeing your content, reading and connecting with you further.

I hope the above 3 LinkedIn tools will help you with your small business marketing on B2B social network; LinkedIn.

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