arrested development, gob bluth, segway, come on, i've made a huge mistake,Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn is only beneficial for them when they are looking for employees. However, having a LinkedIn presence has many benefits for businesses but only when they have a strong profile. Here is a look at three keys that will help your company stand out on this site.

1. Remember the Importance of SEO

Many people search on LinkedIn the same as they do elsewhere on the internet – with keyword searches. Make sure you consider which keywords people will be using to find what your company has to offer. Include those words and phrases in your profile, but keep it natural. Also, place them where they matter the most. That includes:

  • In the name
  • Headlines
  • Product pages
  • Showcase pages

Don’t forget to include them in your description of your products or services and be as specific and detailed as possible. Show what makes the products or services you offer the best.

2. Showcase Your Brand

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your business, but many companies fail to take advantage of this feature as much as they should. Take a look at Adobe’s profile and you will notice that they create pages for specific brands to attract a targeted audience. If your business has won awards or done something outstanding, make it known.

You can also accomplish this by the picture you choose. Make sure it is an accurate representation of your company and will resonate with your audience. Take a look at Thrivent Financial for Lutherans and you will see an image of a family outdoors with a child front and center. This image complements the brand and its focus on family values.

3. Engage Your Audience

You can get your audience interested in your profile in several ways. Share valuable content with them, which often results in comments and other interaction. While it is important to share updates on your company so they know what is going on, you should also include other relevant and beneficial content.

You can also ask them a question. This invites communication, but it only benefits you if you always make sure to reply so that your audience feels heard. Try to include content that will capture your audience’s attention. You can achieve this by sharing videos or photos instead of always relying on articles.

When you do share information about your business, make it personal. You can highlight an employee or focus on an award or volunteer effort that your company was involved in. The content you share should help them get to know who you are better and give them a reason to choose you over your competition.

LinkedIn can bring in a whole new audience for your business, but only if you know how to create a strong profile that allows others to find you and makes you stand out from the competition. Use SEO in creating your profile, but don’t forget about your targeted audience. Allow them to get to know you and share content that is relevant, valuable, and will capture their attention.

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