Here’s the first step needed to create a client-attracting, lead-generating LinkedIn profile.

There are still so many misconceptions on how LinkedIn can be used, especially when it comes to winning new business for yourself on the platform.

Case in point: Did you realize that LinkedIn is actually one of the most powerful, B2B-themed search engines on the planet?

With nearly 500 million professionals in 200 countries, and with 2 new members joining every second, you have a whole lot of potential clients and customers under the same digital roof.

Because LinkedIn is a searchable database, similar to Google, users can type in keywords and phrases to find certain types of professionals to connect with or services they want provided.

Along with using LinkedIn to find your ideal prospects and clients, you can also get “found” on the world’s largest social media platform for professionals.

And it all starts with a single sentence.

Your LinkedIn Profile Headline = Sales Gold

To begin, consider the small section of your LinkedIn profile which appears right below your name at the top of your LinkedIn profile page.

This is your professional headline, and it follows you everywhere you go on the platform.

When it comes to selling on LinkedIn, getting your professional headline right is key to not only getting “found” on the platform, but also to enticing potential clients and customers to want to learn more about you.

The Big Mistake Most LinkedIn Profiles Make

If you’re like most people on LinkedIn, you likely set your profile up as a virtual résumé, and thus your professional headline only features your job title.

The problem with a LinkedIn profile headline and Summary section that is essentially a third-person rendering of your job duties, your role at your company, awards you’ve won, etc., is that nobody cares.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but nobody really cares about what you want.

Rather, people care about what they want, and are only going to be interested in your if you can show others how you’ll help them reach their goals or solve their problems.

As a result, you need to make your LinkedIn profile what I call “client-facing.” It needs to be all about the audiences you serve, the goals they attain when they partner with you, and the products or services you provide to them these audiences achieve their goals and desired outcomes.

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile’s professional headline, you need to be both client-facing and SEO conscious.

Consider the keywords and phrases that your clients would use to search for you on Google. How do you want to be discovered? What would people type in?

Would they type in “Business Coach?” or “Revenue Consultant?” Would they type in “Keynote Speaker” or “Minneapolis Pest Control Services?”

They would not type in something like, “CEO, Company X” or “Marketing Director”, which is what far too many LinkedIn headlines read like right now.

1 Simple Sentence That Will Win You New Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you 120 characters (or around 18-20 words) for your professional headline, and it’s the perfect opportunity to add in your ideal keywords and phrases. This, in turn, will help your profile have a better chance of getting “found” when users are searching LinkedIn for someone who provides your specific products or services.

In addition, your LinkedIn headline should answer these three questions:

1. What would others call me? (Business Coach, Finance Consultant, etc.)

2. What service or product do I provide? (Business Coaching, Financial Consulting, etc.)

3. What audiences do I serve? (Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, etc.)

So a sample LinkedIn headline for a Business Coach could be as follows:

“Business Coach | Business Coaching Services | Serving Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs”

You’ve included common keyword phrases (Business Coach, Business Coaching) people might type in when searching LinkedIn, and you’ve identified some niche audiences (Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners) that you serve.

See how this works?

The key is making it clear, simple and fast for people to decipher who you are, who you serve and what you provide.

This approach starts with your LinkedIn professional headline, and should flow through the rest of your profile, with your Summary area, testimonials and so on.

Getting your professional headline right will lay the foundation for a killer LinkedIn profile and move you toward generating more warm, inbound leads on the platform as a result!