LinkedIn is arguably the best social media source for professionals. Whether you are a recent grad or a professional with over 20 years of work experience, LinkedIn can help connect you to the right people at any given company. Basic accounts on LinkedIn are free and easy to use. So how do you find a job using LinkedIn? There are a few things you can do on a daily basis to increase your chances of finding a job on LinkedIn.

  1. UnknownWrite a Polished Resume and post the same or similar information on your LinkedIn Profile. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to see your best online presence before they may decide to contact you.
  2. Include a Profile Photo. Profile Photos on LinkedIn should be professional – with a neutral background and in professional attire. If you are in a creative field, you can have a more relaxed profile photo in casual clothes.
  3. Network, network, network. Connect with old friends, colleagues, your old boss, and friends of friends. Ask friends and colleagues to introduce you to new people on a regular basis. Make a goal of connecting with one or two new people a week.
  4. Introduce yourself! I tried an experiment. I purchased LinkedIn premium and introduced myself via LinkedIn “InMails” (their paid message service) to different recruiters. I explained I was interested in working for their companies and would like to connect and chat. Around 40% of the recruiters responded positively, and a whopping 70% added me to their connections!
  5. Look up jobs to “Apply on LinkedIn.” LinkedIn has their own job listings and some companies allow candidates to apply directly through LinkedIn. For me, this has been the most successful way of receiving feedback. I have received many more responses by applying through LinkedIn directly than through any other job board.
  6. Sign up for LinkedIn Job Alerts. LinkedIn, like other job boards, has a free subscription service that allows you to send alerts to your email about jobs that fit your area of professional interest. This helps you look for jobs even if you have a busy schedule.
  7. Subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. This is optional. In no way will LinkedIn Premium guarantee your way into a job, but it can certainly help. LinkedIn premium helps bring your profile to the top of search listings. Recruiters, managers, and other members will find your profile more easily. Increasing your views can help you get noticed. Additionally LinkedIn Premium allows you to send LinkedIn InMails, allows you to see salary information of jobs posted, and also lets you see a full list of people who viewed your profile.
  8. Contact recruiters who post positions. See a position on LinkedIn that you like? See the person who posted it? Write to them! Introduce yourself!
  9. Follow Companies. Follow a company you like to see new positions posted. See who works for them and try to connect. See if they’re attending any job fairs in your area. Read about the company and stay posted on their news.
  10. Join LinkedIn Groups and Discussions. Joining a job networking group or common interest group can help you find positions based on your background or profession. Are you an Italian living in New York City? Join an Italian Professionals in New York City group. You can find people who share your background who might want to network for new talent. Joining groups is also great because it allows you to send messages to most group members for free.

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for professionals and one of the best ways on the internet to find your next great job.

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