geralt / Pixabay

In the past few months, LinkedIn has added quite a few new features that add more functionality and better usability both on desktop and the mobile application. Some of the features have been around and others have rolled out recently or will be rolling out very soon. Collectively, these 10 new features make the platform easier to interact with and reduce the amount of time you need to connect with other professionals.

  1. Preset replies: If you use messaging in LinkedIn often then you probably have already seen the preset replies setup for you to click on. It makes things easier for quick responses. This can save you some time out of your busy schedule.
  2. History of connections: If you have had LinkedIn for some time and, like most users, accept connection you don’t really know, it becomes awkward to try to connect with them without any context. That is why the connections history feature is a big help for this channel specifically more than others.
  3. Conversation-starters: This is a new function in the updated LinkedIn mobile application. When you go to compose a new message within the app, you will see a light bulb icon. If you click that, it will give you a list of suggestions or conversation-starters that is unique for each particular contact based on your history with them.
  4. Increased customization: Increased customization features make it easier to rearrange the “experience” section of your profile with a drag-and-drop option. Choose which education information you want to appear first or the order of currently-held positions too.
  5. Desktop profile expansion: On the desktop version of LinkedIn, they recently redesigned it so that you can change different sections of the profile and the way it looks. They also made it so that you can see an expanded view of a connection’s details and aspects of their profile.
  6. Multiple photos allowed in posts: To make the posting functions similar to the freedom in other platforms and to encourage more posts, they now allow more than just one photo in a post.
  7. Native video content: Video is such a prominent feature in all other social media platforms and now LinkedIn is joining the video party. Native video content means that you can record videos in the app and then share it to your network. The video content will definitely stand out, but unconfirmed reports say that the native video content will get priority in the feed.
  8. Off-network sharing: Previously, if you had shared a Pulse article anywhere else, the reader would have to log into LinkedIn to read it. Now they have removed that barrier. This change will, no doubt, increase readership and ultimately bring more readers to interact with the LinkedIn platform anyhow.
  9. Sharing of publishing drafts: Publishing articles has become a big part of sharing on LinkedIn and now, this new change cuts out a step when it comes to sharing your article for editing or collaboration before actually publishing. Of course, you can use other collaboration or editing tools, but this cuts that step out of the mix.
  10. Ability to disable comments on your posts: If you ever held back from posting something for fear of comments, that now becomes a non-issue because you can disable and re-enable comments on your posts in LinkedIn now.