Answer a question for me (and be honest) — when was the last time you took a solid, uninterrupted break from doing all the things for everyone else and just focused on your own business?

I’m talking phone off, door closed, no distractions, focused time on helping your own business become healthier and more productive?

If you’re like me, it might be hard to recall a time (at least before I sat down to write this email).

It seems like there is always something more pressing, some client that needs your time, some fire to put out, something you need to do to support your team… making your business the priority is real freakin’ hard to do. But it’s also absolutely critical.

If you’ve spent much time around me, you know I’m a freak about getting more done in less time. Time blocking, scheduling, and careful planning are the only things that help me get all the things done each week, but I still find it challenging to make time to work on my own business and marketing.

The 15-Minute Sprint

I want to share a little trick that I call the 15-minute sprint. I schedule at least one 15-minute sprint a week with the sole purpose of checking up on and improving specific things in my business. One week it might be adjusting my Profit First percentages, the next week it might be reading my social media bios and making adjustments, taking a quick peek at Analytics, or reviewing an old process to see where we can tighten things up.

At first, it might feel really daunting to figure out what to even do with your 15 minutes, so I’ll share a quick checklist to get you started.

15-Minute Website Sprint

If you haven’t updated (or even looked at) your own website lately, carve out 15 minutes for yourself this week to run through this super simple (but highly impactful) checklist:

  1. Do a quick Google search for yourself. We’re not looking for specific keywords here, but if you’re not tracking anything make sure you at least show up for your own brand name. If you don’t you might accidentally be blocking search engines or have another issue with your site.
  2. Read your home page headline — that first bold statement on your website that probably sits over a pretty background image. Ask yourself; 1) is it accurate? 2) would it make sense to a customer? 3) does it clearly address the problem your company solves for your customers? If it doesn’t, change it!
  3. Look for your call to action — the CTA is the most important thing on your website. It’s the way you turn website visitors into paying customers. It might be an actual “buy now” button or a quote request, appointment booker or some other way to move visitors into your funnel. If you’re not clearly telling people exactly what to do to get closer to solving their problems with your services or products — you are losing money. Add that CTA to every page of your website!
  4. Setup a secondary call to action — not everyone who visits your website wants to become your customer right away. Be sure your site includes a secondary call to action like joining your mailing list, attending a webinar, or downloading a great resource.

These 4 simple actions will go a long way in helping you generate and close more leads through your website.

You deserve for your website, which you probably put a hefty investment into, to perform well. So, go book your 15-minute website sprint on your calendar now!

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