TrustThis is the question I am dealing with at the moment at work.

Earning Trust

A lot of time is focused on earning the client’s trust by providing great service each day and listening to their needs. These aspects of trust are critical in maintaining client relationships. I believe there are a lot of people who are very good at nurturing relationships and earning client’s trust. Any mistake here, and the client relationship can quickly become damaged.

Today, I think most people would see trust as something that is earned on a daily basis.

Building Trust

This is the part that most of the time clients cannot see as well as employees. Trust is definitely earned everyday, but there is a part of trust that leaders need to always be looking at. Today, a lot of attention is placed on day-to-day activities. This is needed as stated above. However, trust is an ongoing process and leaders cannot rest on the work they have completed. More support and improvement of processes is needed.

Often times, building trust is seen as change management and many people question leader’s ability when it comes to implementing new changes. I have collected feedback from internal people and clients and I continue to look at ways to better support clents’ needs and improve systems that support these processes.

In addition, leaders need to recognize their employee talent and continue to find ways to grow and nurture their employees. It starts with having the right people. Trust is a two-way street and communication is the key.

As far as clients go, communication is the key. It is imperative to stay closer to clients. Clients have so many choices today and there are many dis

Also, new technology and systems need to be looked at and implemented in order to better foster trust and provide solutions that are much less complex and more simple to use.

What is the point here?

Earning trust and building trust need to occur at the same time. I get that! My point is building trust is an ongoing activity and it is often misunderstood and the chance for miscommunication goes up tremendously. I am not saying building trust is more important than earning trust. Everyday, our company associates work to earn the trust of our clients. We would not be in business today if we did not take this aspect of our business very seriously

Building trust is the other necessary component. Today, customers are losing faith in companies and are less loyal with good reason. Many companies are merging and buying out others. Many top executives are leaving companies or being fired, yet they receive financial packages that are unthinkable.

On the other hand, many leaders are trying to create new cultures and implement new systems and often they are in a position where they cannot get it done in a timely manner and they do not have support because of all the politics going on in their companies. It can be a challenging time to upgrade equipment and meet government regulations at the same time.


I bring up this point because I think it really speaks to the heart of why I have a strong passion for Midwest Laboratories and I really believe trust is at the heart of this matter. I am working with our staff to earn our clients’ trust everyday. In addition, we are identifying processes that need to be updated or improved to better serve our internal clients and ultimately our external clients. It is a never-ending process that is tough to implement, but the results can be measured and ultimately the return can be seen. It takes a combination of the right staff and a constant recognition of our clients’ interests.