angry_customerHits and misses, ups and downs, criticisms and negative feedback—these are all parts of business. As a woman entrepreneur, you have to expect things will not always go the way you want them to. But that doesn’t mean you should let negative energies get to you.

Venturing into the competitive world of business is tough, and you shouldn’t dwell on the negative aspects if you want to get ahead of the pack. Your energy is much more needed in bettering your efforts. So how should you counter negative vibes?

Here are four (4) tips on staying positive amid entrepreneurial hurdles:

1. Steer clear of negative conversations.

If possible, don’t get into conversations with people who do nothing but complain. Otherwise, you’ll be left feeling more stressed out. If conversations are inevitable, don’t counter negative statements with even more negative retorts. It would only result to a no-win situation. Instead, try to look on the positive side. For example, if the person says, “I’ve got too many customers up my sleeve!” counter it by saying “On the bright side, at least you have more than enough clients. Most entrepreneurs would love to deal with that.”

2. Think before you speak up.

This is an extension of tip #1. If you hear negative feedback or non-constructive criticisms about your business, don’t talk back right away. In moments like these, it’s always wiser to stay calm especially if you have to give feedback. Don’t get carried away by heightened emotions. Think things through before you give your reply and word out your thoughts professionally.

3. Avoid making excuses.

Don’t look for excuses to get out of problems, no matter how small the problem is. Lighten up, face your dilemmas as a woman entrepreneur should, and don’t get into the habit of making excuses.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes. You forget to follow-up, you miss a deadline—whatever lapses you have, avoid negative vibes by not pressuring yourself too much.

All the negative vibes when dealing with business can drain your energy when you are so much better off focusing your energy on improving the different aspects of your entrepreneurial ventures. Negative vibes, however, are still part of the game. Learning how to deal with stress and unfavorable circumstances will help you focus on doing the things that make your business better.