As we move into 2021, this year has not only taught us how important it is to continuously advance with technology but how quickly customer preferences can change. People are now thinking, feeling, and making decisions differently. As digital marketing executive headhunters, we are seeing people in workplaces continue to practice safety and utilize the convenience of digital options. This, in turn, has forced companies to become more open-minded and creative when it comes to learning, improving, and implementing marketing strategies. According to Brian Solis, a digital analyst focused on disruptive technology, “this “new and unusual” customer segment is not defined by traditional demographics and is instead cross-generational, bound by similar digital behaviors, evolving preferences, and expectations, and desired experiences and outcomes.” He calls them Generation-N (Novel).

Generation-N is driven by the pandemic. The sudden lifestyle changes and the fear of the virus gave customers no choice but to become digital-first. Everyone from Baby Boomers to Millennials has opted in for contactless transactions. According to a study completed by McKinsey, it shows the e-commerce industry has accelerated by ten-years within three months. This by far has set a new record for e-commerce growth rates. Therefore, if you can meet the expectations of this newly created generation-N, you will quickly become more competitive in today’s market. With years of experience, digital marketing executive headhunters have included how CMOs and marketing executives can target Generation-N.

E-Commerce Marketing Executive Search Firm Key Pointers For Targeting Generation-N:

Build A Purpose-Led Brand

Creating a successful brand goes deeper than reasonably priced products and services. In today’s society, generation-N wants to identify with the companies they spend money with. Therefore, building a purpose-led brand creates long-term devotion and advocacy.
To increase your brand’s loyalty and growth, you must take the necessary steps to advance your organization. Generation-N is more likely to shop with brands that stand up for what they believe in. You need to reflect your company’s vision for the future in all your communication with the target market.

According to the study “Quickening”, “75% of US consumers have tried different stores, websites, or brands during the COVID-19 crisis.” Within that percentage, 60% of consumers will integrate those brands into their daily lives after the pandemic. In other words, the market has reset and brand loyalty is up for grabs. Now is the time to use digital marketing tactics to your advantage.

Build Better Customer Experience

With the growth of online shopping, consumers are expecting state of the art customer experience. The good news is that digital marketing executive headhunters have seen most companies jump on the bandwagon years ago. However, in today’s market, one small mistake can cause you a lifetime customer. Therefore, you need to make each interaction count.

If you want to achieve customer satisfaction and gain their loyalty, personalization is crucial to Generation-N’s experience. Using data to learn more about each customer, you can provide a better-curated list of products, blogs, and recommendations. This method is comparable to having an in-person sales representative to guide the consumer from start to finish. Which in turn increases the chances of more complete buying journeys.

Become Digitally Innovative

In this pandemic, customers are becoming more and more digitally-literate. They have established high-standards for top companies and marketing leaders. To get a better understanding of new digital behaviors, Salesforce has released its fourth annual “State of the Connected Customer” research. In the study, they found that “80 percent of say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.” This means companies need to go beyond their old way of thinking. What are new ways for customers to buy existing products? How can you expand customer engagement? Can you better brand your product or service to fit the needs of customers closely? Your digital engagement must appeal to the target market if you want to gain brand awareness.

One innovative idea marketing professionals are incorporating into their marketing strategy is the use of volumetric videos. This concept has been used in the filmmaking and gaming industries for years but has picked up traction in various industries today. The ability to record in 3D and capture the object, depth, and space in real-time are giving users a better customer experience. It has the potential to increase conversion rates. Instead of scrolling through products, customers can take part and interact with the products or services.

Social commerce is another great strategy. Instead of directing consumers to the company’s website, social media channels allow your customers to purchase the item directly from the network. It eliminates the extra steps in the buying process which could have led to consumers abandoning their carts. With Facebook and Instagram being one of the top social commerce platforms, top companies who want to gain more market share should consider it as one of their top priorities.

In the end, being able to reach the newly created Generation-N comes down to having the right strategy designed by a great leader. The customers you once engaged with are not the same today. Your engagement, touchpoints, and brand must be reimaged to fit Gen-N’s narrative. Is it digital-first? Are you offering personalization? How is your customer’s journey? If you find yourself having a difficult time adjusting to the new target market, it’s time to invest in top marketing executive talent that can create agile digital strategies.