Objectiveli - fulfilling objectives

Here are 12 different ways that you can keep on track and work to achieve your objectives:

  1. Visualize your end goal – Think of the objective and visualize yourself actually achieving it.
  2. Get the opinions of others – See what the rest of the team thinks.  Can they visualize you achieving the goal?
  3. Publicize your vision – If you announce your objective publicly it will be much harder to renege.
  4. Compartmentalize your goal into specific areas – Do not try to run the entire marathon at once, compartmentalize your goal and break it down into smaller goals.
  5. Ask yourself, “How will successful completion of each objective help me to achieve my overall goals?”
  6. Set reminders – You can set these on your smart phone or make yourself a to-do list.  Just make sure that you stick to the program!
  7. Recognize both your failures and your successes – Both successes and failures are to be expected along the way.  Celebrate both as a step towards the overall end goal.
  8. Continue to assess and reassess your goals – If you find you have overestimated how much you can accomplish within a year, make adjustments to your goals.  If you underestimate how much you can accomplish in give years, make further adjustments.
  9. Remain flexible – Consider your objectives are directional tools rather than hard and fast rules.
  10. Set your aim high – Be realistic, but shoot for the stars.  The higher your aim is the more you will be above to accomplish.
  11. Remain active and keep positioning yourself for success – Do not fall into a habit of procrastination.  Remain active.
  12. Reward your successes – When you succeed, reward yourself.

Whenever you encounter a task requiring the combined efforts of several divisions within the organization you must collaborate towards the end goal.  This means that you need to examine all of the objectives and goals for the entire organization.  Make sure that everyone involved is interpreting the goals in the same way to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  For example, if your team wishes to “do it fast” and plans accordingly, you may have a difficult time working with another branch of the organization who wishes to “do it precisely.”

To get everyone on the same page, define the underlying objectives and figure out how they can best be achieved.  Get input from your team and the other divisions who will be working with you so that you can find ways to track progress and measure success.  Be sure to discuss any potential “hot buttons” with your project manager before proceeding.

Lastly, be sure that you understand the goals and objectives of the other team.  Remember that while they are not within your specific division, they are still your colleagues and deserve your respect.  Do not assume that you know what their objectives are or that they will be unwilling to work with you.  If possible, get all teams together to collaborate regarding specific tactical concerns and recognize that oftentimes you do not have to meet their exact demands in order to satisfy their desires.

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