Disconnecting from WorkI have seen a disturbing trend at workplaces across the country. People are disconnecting more and more from work, their families and friends.

Is it part of this mobile phone, social media culture. My gut tells me it is. I have not conducted any formal study, but I really believe some people are living in a fantasy world and they can’t separate themselves from the real world. Just think how many reality shows we have been exposed to in the last 10 years. What did we watch before reality shows on television? Look at all of the data produced on social media sites in one day. It really is mind-boggling. Remind yourself to be productive and that there is more to life than just reading a bunch of notes, texts and information. Put your mobile device down and so something else. Set some time in the evening or on weekends to disconnect for awhile.

So what is the takeaway here? How do we stay connected in a world that is becoming more and more disconnected


Pay closer attention to worker productivity. I have seen people completely disconnect from their work and ultimately quit their jobs because they don’t like what they do. These people also quit and figure they will find work in the future. It is the Big Lie. Make sure work is organized into some type of project work with deadlines. It is too easy to lose focus these days.

Make sure people are being productive in their work. Some people are not being challenged and have too much thinking time. These people are the ones who may be wasting time on internet sites and social media sites. Hold people accountable and ask them what they hope to accomplish each day. You might be surprised.


As with any trend, you can be a part of the current culture or you can be different. The good news, is that “personalization of our messages” is the new in and using older, traditional media like email, hand-written notes, personal visits and phone calls still matter in this world of digital communication. Create some content that is different than all the other information and noise out there.

Be careful about spending so much time on social media sites. It can be a huge time suck and before you know it your day has passed you buy. Consider spending that time in other areas like talking directly to clients and understanding their needs. Client loyalty is huge and it will take more work to keep good clients.

Focus on Professional Development

There are so many resources at your disposal to grow in your education. Take some time to get healthier. Find ways to become closer to your family. Become more active in your local church or school. People who continue to develop themselves outside of work are usually the people who find success in their work. Focus on being a leader.

Your Response

Do you see people disconnecting more from their work life and at home? It really is disturbing? How can we stop this trend?

I would welcome your feedback on this topic.

photo credit: Stephan Geyer via photopin cc

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