Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? It’s not easy. You’re in for a lot of work and potentially, a lot of failure. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but some are more likely to be successful at it than others. If you were to spend your time studying the most prominent entrepreneurs of all time, Steve Jobs and Benjamin Franklin among them, you’d start to pick up on some of the personality traits required to be an influential entrepreneur. Here are six of those traits.

  1. Persistent

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a certain amount of tenacity, a determination not to quit no matter what is thrown at you. Business is shrouded with pitfalls and uncertainty. Would-be entrepreneurs go strong and hard until it gets tough. Many stick it out for awhile, but most quit before the business has time to peak again. Only the truly persistent, the most successful business men and women, push through the low point until things start to get good again. And it’s usually uphill from there.

  1. Motivated by Things Other than Money

Money is usually a contributing factor in a person’s drive to be successful, but it’s usually not the most important thing. Most truly successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they reached the top simply because of their passion for their product, service, or business. It’s the drive for an intrinsic reward that has the biggest payoff, not the large check that comes with it, though that is a major perk. If you want to make it as an entrepreneur, you need a burning passion for what you do.

  1. Sees the Big Picture

Entrepreneurs who make it big begin with the big picture. They have vision that allows them to step outside the ordinary box and create something extraordinary. They don’t simply look at an opportunity as a chance to be making six figures. They see it as a door to a whole new world of doing what they love and sharing that with others. No matter how many others put down their dream, they stay optimistic.

  1. Confident

Confidence is the best way to describe this important trait, but it’s even more than that. Entrepreneurs must be so sure that their product or service is something the world needs, so sure that they can be the one to deliver it that they’re willing to go through anything—ridicule, financial loss, personal embarrassment—to prove to the world that their product is worth it.

  1. Strong Leadership Skills

Being a leader is very important for entrepreneurial pursuits. If you can’t get people to follow you and work with you in developing your dream, you won’t get anywhere. With your eye constantly on the goal rather than the work at hand, you need to show the world that you can command a room and be a true leader of your company, come hell or high water.

  1. Self-Motivated

Entrepreneurs would hardly get anywhere if they didn’t have the self-motivation to keep them going on their project every day. They’re the kind of people who accomplish the impossible just because they set their minds to do it. They’re flexible and can keep it together through changes of all types. They have their eyes on the prize the entire time, and nothing will distract them from their goal.