It’s no secret that leadership skills are essential to devise a great individual mindset that will hopefully trickle down to your employees or close confidants. It’s a goal that every person should reach for in hopes that they grow a self-confidence in what they’re doing, know their purpose in a chosen field is justified, and ultimately establish an influence to others that continues to grow for the long term.

Getting the right leadership training is an exercise in determination, continued education and unrivaled optimism. Make no mistake about it, pessimism is a virus in the work field that does nothing but build added layers of stress on the situation. Which is why it’s important for anyone to understand that there are numerous ways to construct the perfect leadership skill, some relatively simple and often times complex.

These three tips can help people grow from a follower into a leader.

Voice And Recognition

Setting the tone straight out of the gate is the first rule of thumb. It’s a combination of letting your peers know you’re being authoritative, but inviting at the same time. Humble leaders are those that talk with a slow, but assertive tone. They aren’t necessarily shouting, nor are they quiet. They find a perfect medium where the tone is understood, it reverberates at a steady pace to each and every ear, and welcomes Q & A’s in return.

Eye Contact

The second level of this is simple: eye contact. Eye contact has been grounded in nearly everyone’s conscience since they were in grade school. Not only is eye contact necessary as a courtesy to those speaking to you, it helps keep you in the discussion by being able to listen and understand more effectively. Whether it’s a job interview, board meeting or simply picking up a sandwich from a deli, practicing eye contact on every level of communication should always be at the top of the list.

Look at this way, seeing eye-to-eye with every person you come in contact with fosters a better relationship, lets them know you care what they have to say, and is one of the most honorable characteristics a person can have.

Know, Don’t Assume

While still wanting to harbor a humble confidence, this point leans heavily towards asserting your oration. From delivering a speech based off topical preparedness to conquering the problem rather than skirting it, telling yourself that you know what lies ahead rather than guess is a mantra that must be owned. Not to the point of egotism, but just enough to help build your own assurance as well as those around you.

And if you don’t know the solution, it’s okay to admit that right away. As long as you’re committed to discovering the answer instead of leaving bogus responses, your management will continue to shine because your authority will not be put into question by your peers.

In the end, building the proper leadership skills will help you in a number of ways, whether it’s preparing your business for human resources training or looking to add extra layers for the future, a leader will always set a precedent instead of hop along for the unknown ride.