Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

I’m a big believer in the power of morning routines. A good morning routine, with healthy and energizing habits, can provide you with a foundation for success. But the wrong morning routine—including unhealthy habits—means you start your day at a deficit. You start with a dearth of energy, positivity, and creative vigor.

Everyone’s morning rhythms are going to look a little different, and I don’t mean to suggest that you have to start your day in exactly the same way that I do. However, I do want to highlight a few morning rituals and rhythms that I honestly believe to be counterproductive.

The Wrong Morning Rituals

Immediately reaching for a cup of coffee. I know, I know—you need your caffeine. There’s nothing wrong with that, but starting with coffee literally before you do anything else means you start your day just a little keyed up—a little jittery. Work your way up to the coffee. My suggestion: A glass of water first, and then some java.

Not emptying your brain. If you’re anything like me, you start each morning with a jumble in your head—ideas, problems, things you need to get done. That jumble can sap your focus, but a good way to address it is to just jot everything down before you start your work. Begin each work day with a truly clear head!

Heading straight for your email inbox. It’s way too easy to get sucked into email, and then to lose your whole morning to writing replies or stressing about some new piece of information you received. My suggestion: Get an hour or two of creative work done before anything else. At the very least, give yourself half an hour of relative quiet before you check your inbox.

Scheduling a meeting for the early morning. Sometimes it can’t be avoided. Remember, though, that your early hours tend to be your prime time for creative energy. If you can schedule all your meetings and conference calls for the afternoon, that’s definitely ideal.