Yes, the unusual one. Given the fast moving environment around the projects, it is very important that the project manager stays on top of execution plan. Now, for this, a number of processes or rules would help. But something that is way more beneficial both on the short or the long term is the unusual traits of a project manager. It is important that the project manager wears many unusual hats to ensure the project is a success, especially for the stakeholders.Let’s look at some of the unusual roles which the project manager gets to play.


Lead By Example 

The Project manager is a leader, first and foremost.Every team member will have their own desires and needs. It is very important to keep them motivated throughout the journey in the project. The login screen may not be as beautiful as others but what is the use if no one get inside the app. You may not be the expert is designing,coding or testing, but come out of your comfort zone, take the extra step and   be the floor cleaner, if required, to show them the value generated by each task.Being an example can motivate the team to go above and beyond to deliver the project.

Product Thinker 

Although you are executing the project,it becomes a need for you to be a product thinker for your client and other stakeholders. As a project manager,you are in the core position to know about where your client’s product is headed and what the real challenges are or benefits the product needs to deal with. It is very important to be optimist and the critic of the product being built such that the problems get addressed while you see it coming.

The Party Animal

Sometimes, the team needs a break from their regular tasks.It is very important that you give a time out to the team, give them a breather, have fun and get rejuvenated to come back to project.Throw a party to the team or a take them on a trek or go watch a movie with the team.These can be the real value adds to the project when utilized at the right time.

The 36 Inch Chest Sparta 

Remember the “300” movie?  You may not come across those 8 feet tall and 60 inch chest Spartans as in the movie but can inspire everyone in such a way that each of your team member ( despite having a 36 inch chest)  feels like a Sparta, ready to take on the world and make them feel proud of their profession.Of course, this mindset is very much required when the project is critical and challenging for your team.

The Humanist

In the midst of everything, what is most important for the project manager is being human.Every member in your team should look up to you as a friend, guide or a dear one.It is very important that you give enough consideration and respect for their personal commitment.Be flexible.After all,the rule books and the processes in place do not get updated every day, but humans do.

As a Project Manager,your job is to understand your team and their potential,and do everything in your power to make sure they reach it, whatever it takes.

Do you have your own way of handling the project the unusual way? Please do share.

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