Do you know a peaceable leader? What is a peaceable leader?

peaceable leader

Think back to all the leaders you have known, in business and in other fields. Now think about those you would consider the best. What do they have in common?

I have had the privilege of knowing, working with, and working for several exemplary leaders. They have been in a range of organizations, roles and levels within the corporate pyramid. Their ranks include CEOs, COOs, CFOs, line managers, and front line service workers on the third shift, who brought natural leadership to their everyday work performance.

Who are the best leaders you know? Just thinking about them probably brings back a rush of great memories. Why are these individuals special?

I would categorize the best of the best as peaceable leaders.

A peaceable leader operates from a position of integrity, in all senses of the word. They have a strong moral compass and operate within that framework. Beyond that, they embody a sense of one-ness. In every day terms, they have their act together.

A Peaceable Leader:

  • Is highly technically competent. They know their stuff.
  • Does not have the need or desire to showboat.
  • Is self-assured.
  • Radiates trustworthiness.
  • Respects everyone.
  • Asks questions and listens to answers.
  • Admits mistakes and takes the blame.
  • Shares the glory.
  • Nurtures their staff members and promotes their professional growth.
  • Is calm and thinks clearly in crisis.
  • Is predictable.
  • Laughs, smiles and spreads joy.
  • Inspires confidence.
  • Inspires trust.
  • Is a team player.
  • Cares.
  • Goes the extra mile.
  • Sees opportunities when others see barriers.
  • Is a positive thinker.
  • Places themself last, not first.
  • Is at peace within themself.

To quote Mary Poppins, A peaceable leader is “practically perfect in every way.”

Are they human? Of course. Do they indulge in the cutting comment or the outburst of rage or frustration. Yep. Are they perfect? No way. Yet within the bounds of human behavior, their performance is exemplary. And their sense of inner peace and integrity radiates beyond business into the greater community.

The Impact of a Peaceable Leader

  • A peaceable leader is a joy to work for. Staff can do their best when they are not preoccupied or terrorized by the potential for irrational, demeaning or outrageous behavior from their boss.
  • A placeable leader radiates positivity. The seemingly impossible becomes possible.
  • Staff retention is strong; this is a boss worth staying for. And staff members will go the extra mile for them, because the peaceable leader consistently goes above and beyond for their staff.
  • A peaceable leader is good for morale, good for productivity, good for results and good for the bottom line.

None of us are perfect, or even close to perfect, as leaders. Consider the impact of peaceable leadership. Be aware of your style and your impact, and consider incorporating the traits of a peaceable leader into your professional life. Are you on track for success? Do well by doing good, for your staff, your peers, your superiors, your organization, and especially, for yourself.