Most Critical Leadership AttributesAt last week’s Leadership Chat we celebrated our one-year anniversary.     After some time spent reflecting on the past year, we began to look forward and asked the Chat participants to share their insights on the most critical leadership attributes of our time; attributes that will set leaders apart now and in the future.   Here is a sampling of their responses:

Valencia Ray, M.D.ValenciaRay Valencia Ray, M.D.

”Survival of the fittest” is only a paradigm, a way of society that can change. Adaptability dominates in the 21st century #leadershipchat

Judy Martin judymartin8 Judy Martin

A great leader exudes presence without having to draw upon the downside of charisma which can lead to arrogance. #LeadershipChat

Chris Eh Young Chris_Eh_Young Chris Eh Young

A leader has passion, but more importantly, he has purpose. #leadershipchat

Kneale Mann knealemann Kneale Mann

We need to keep bringing actionable ideas and brave skills to the enterprise. #leadershipchat

Valencia Ray, M.D. ValenciaRay Valencia Ray, M.D.

A self-aware leader is a more collaborative leader; confidence gives space for others to be heard #leadershipchat

michael weiss mikepweiss michael weiss

A leader ‘s passion comes from the love of the job and is fed by the success of the people he/she leads. #leadershipchat

Daniel Newman danielnewmanUV Daniel Newman

I was just thinking about #Passion – another side-effect of great leadership – #Leadershipchat

John Kosic bikespoke John Kosic

Leaders who inspire Gr8 Team, must trust and be trusted #leadershipchat

David Lee DavidALee David Lee

My Army experience taught me the value of training so you gain trust someone and delegate.

Molly Cantrell-Kraig mckra1g Molly Cantrell-Kraig

Leaders are secure and confident in their own talents and encourage others to shine. #leadershipchat

Lou Imbriano LouImbriano Lou Imbriano

Leaders always have to evolve #leadershipchat

Elin Silveous ElinSilveous Elin Silveous

diplomacy #LeadershipChat

JKeithDunbar JKeithDunbar JKeithDunbar

In a “VUCA” world…all about agility and adaptability…#LeadershipChat

Barry Birkett BarryBirkett Barry Birkett

In today’s world leaders must but be gr8 at inspiring team — need to rise to challenges #leadershipchat

Kenna Griffin profkrg Kenna Griffin

Listening/hearing. “@LisaPetrilli: What do you think is most critical for leaders today to be gr8 at? #LeadershipChat

Judi Samuels chieflemonhead Judi Samuels

Leaders need to be GREAT at being BRAVE enough to rise above the populous & do the right thing. #leadershipchat

JKeithDunbar JKeithDunbar JKeithDunbar

Leaders recognize they don’t have all the answers but can mobilize people resources to succeed…#LeadershipChat

samfiorella samfiorella samfiorella

Most critical for leaders today – listen beyond employees to customers directly. #leadershipchat @LisaPetrilli

Chris Eh Young Chris_Eh_Young Chris Eh Young

Good leaders are never afraid to surround themselves with people smarter than them. They know it’s the best road to success. #leadershipchat

Christopher Ziomek cziomek Christopher Ziomek

Leaders must be able to communicate a compelling vision and lead the effort to make it happen #LeadershipChat

John Kosic bikespoke John Kosic

Empathy for others within org #leadershipchat

David Lee DavidALee David Lee

Those problem solving skills include providing a vision and empowering others. #LeadershipChat

Greg Hartle greghartle Greg Hartle

Most critical – Creative adaptation. #LeadershipChat

David Lee DavidALee David Lee

Today’s leaders need to have good problem solving skills to deal with “real time” crisis. #LeadershipChat

Craig Juengling CraigJuengling Craig Juengling

A: emotional intelligence; know theyself #LeadershipChat

Tom racedayrocks Tom

Adapting to new challenges #leadershipchat

The most critical attributes I gleaned from this list are:

  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Adaptability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Inspiring Trust
  • Courage
  • Problem-Solving Approach
  • Self-Awareness

Every single one of these attributes resonates with me, is critical in today’s environment, and might make all the difference in our future. Most glaringly, they appear to be timeless leadership attributes! 

What do you think are the most critical leadership attributes of our time? What was left off of this list?

Photo is Follow the Leader by David Spinks.