CEOs People ChallengesLately, I’ve been sharing a number of insights and quotes with you from the most recent CEO Connection Boot Camp in New York City.

At these day-long events, CEOs of companies with more than $100 million in revenues gather to discuss their most pressing challenges, and to share experiences and advice. From these discussions I was able to share with you 19 revealing CEO leadership quotes and 10 insightful CEO social media quotes that provide a peek into the world of today’s CEO, and some insight into what’s currently on their minds.

I also reflected on the correlation between these two sets of quotes and how some CEOs genuinely want to engage with employees and customers.

Today I wanted to share with you the CEOs’ responses when asked about their most pressing “people challenges:”

  • Employee morale through layoffs and change
  • Investing in training, making this important
  • Making performance reviews more important
  • The ageing workforce
  • How to lead GenY
  • Leadership capability
  • Investment in people
  • Employee motivation
  • When great employees don’t have leadership potential
  • Cultural differences
  • Talent development
  • Bench strength
  • Blending the old and the new into a team
  • Empowerment
  • Hiring
  • Problem finding talent that can write well
  • Innovation
  • Challenging the high potentials
  • Creating connections with employees
  • That stock is still the predominant thing being used to base pay on for top execs, and the short-term focus it drives
  • Succession planning – “a lot of expertise in our business, huge risk if we don’t manage succession”
  • Developing a sense of identity and alignment with the company because of multiple acquisitions

What resonates with you most about this list? Does it surprise you at all? Encourage you in any way? Let’s talk in the comments!

Photo is ponder by Mrs. Minifig.