How successful people spend their weekdays is not much of a secret. They rise earlier than most, get to the office before the hustle and bustle begins and once there, they turn into relentless workers. Their weekday habits help make their success a foregone conclusion. However, what happens when successful people clock out and go home for the weekend? What are their habits then? High achievers are notorious for wanting to charge full speed ahead at all times, but of course this is not feasible. Surely there is some kind of downtime, but how exactly do successful people spend that downtime?

  1. Successful people remember the important things

People who are successful try extra hard to remember what they are working for. The object of working hard is not to continue working hard in perpetuity. It is to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. It would be a terrible thing to keep trudging along because one has lost sight of what’s actually important i.e. spending time with one’s family or taking part in leisure activities. Instead, successful people have developed the ability to separate achievement at home from achievement in the office. Achievement at home means a happy cohesive family. It also means taking part in the activities they enjoyed before becoming successful. In short, they use their weekends to remind them of what they love and what’s actually important in life.

  1. Wake up early

For successful people, the weekend is no excuse to start slouching off, staying in bed till 10 am. Successful people still get an early start to their day even though it’s the weekend. It doesn’t matter that they don’t have to get to work, successful people still believe that they have goals that need to be accomplished and getting up early is the best way to start attacking them. This doesn’t mean that they have to wake up at 4 am on a Sunday morning, but when they view each day as a day filled with purpose, they see the value in getting your day started at a reasonable time.

  1. Have a plan

Waking up early is only one half of the battle. Having a concrete plan is another. Even when not in the office, successful people like to feel that they are accomplishing important tasks. So even before they’ve made the decision to wake up early, they formulate a plan for their day. Many would write a list of tasks that they would like to accomplish for the weekend. Whether it’s attending to some household repairs or making time to read a book they’ve been looking forward to, having a plan is the first step towards accomplishment. Keep in mind that to-do lists don’t have to be long, but a few good tasks help them to feel that they’ve accomplished something.

How Successful People Spend Their Weekends

  1. Giving back

Taking the time to give back is an important philosophy shared by many successful people. While successful people are notoriously achievement oriented during the week, many use their weekends to aid the less fortunate. Many people choose to volunteer in a variety of ways. Whether it’s building houses for Habitat for Humanity or stacking boxes at the local food bank, their volunteer time helps to reduce stress and put success in perspective. Some may even choose to run fundraisers for the less fortunate which has the added benefit of allowing them to network while taking time off.

  1. Cultivating a hobby

Having a hobby, a pursuit that distracts them from the rigors of work life is something that all successful people have. In his spare time, billionaire Warren Buffett likes to play the ukulele. Albert Einstein, when not fine-tuning the theory of relativity, liked to play his violin. However, playing a musical instrument may not be for everyone and some may instead prefer to explore the great outdoors. If camping and luxury are both important to them, they may choose to go travelling and exploring in a self-contained recreational vehicle.

  1. Formal activities

While some successful people prefer camping or kayaking or any number of outdoor activities, some prefer more formal engagements that give them the chance to relax while rubbing shoulders with their peers. For instance instead of heading over to the local Cineplex to ogle the latest blockbuster, some successful people will instead opt for more highbrow entertainment such as a Broadway play, the symphony or the opera. Many people appreciate the boost of cultural awareness that comes with those types of entertainment.

  1. Avoid the temptation to multitask

Multitasking is an important skill that many successful people seem to possess. However, instead of taking their multitasking skills home with them for the weekend, many instead choose to focus on one thing at a time. Juggling is great when answering phones and replying to emails, but not so great when halfheartedly spending time with loved ones. Many successful people choose instead to be present in the moment when they spend time with the people and things they love. Their families appreciate the time and attention lauded on them knowing full well that it’s a willing sacrifice.

  1. Plan for the week ahead

Many successful people set aside a little of their weekend time in order to plan for the week ahead. No one wants to go to work on a Monday morning without a sense of purpose or direction. No one wants to allow the weekend to coddle them that they lose focus of their missions. Instead, many people would like to start the week by hitting the ground running. Many successful people will use a little of their Sunday time to reflect and strategize for the week ahead.

Juggling work and home lives is always going to be a difficult task, regardless of your income and portfolio. However, it is good to remember that truly successful people are successful in all aspects of their lives. They do not sacrifice close relationships and mental health for career success and vice versa. Instead, balance is the most important thing.