Fear of criticism…keeping you from gold.

Sometimes I get fan mail:

“Listen I have to tell you…..I kind of threw up in my mouth a bit when you launched your company. Just being honest. The videos, the pictures smashing glass things with your shirt unbuttoned…doing pushups in a bamboo hut and videotaping it……it was just too much to take. And, quite frankly, life coaches and motivational speakers are a dime a dozen……”

And here I thought smashing glass (shirt sans buttons) was a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

The Fear Formula

I spent the inordinate majority of my life protecting myself from criticism like this.

Hell, most of us do.

But it’s the fear of being criticized that kept me feeling ordinary, boring, and inauthentic*

*Kudos to my friend Heidi Alexandra Pollard of http://www.uqpower.com.au/ for equipping me with this gem.

In algebra terms, my life looked like this:

Fear of Criticism > Full Self Expression

But when I finally found something I wanted so badly – a lifestyle design of my own creation and a career fueled entirely by my passion – that fear formula flipped:

Full Self Expression > Fear of Criticism

I’d like to make you believe that the criticism above was the only of its kind that I’ve received over the last two years. But I’d be lying.

But that’s the game I signed up for when I went public with my life.*

*I’m about to go 10X more transparent in the coming months…

While the sting of criticism never entirely goes away, I can quickly cycle through the ego hit and see it for the bold, honest and direct feedback that it is.

Then I decide what parts are useful and which I can discard.

While living the f*cking life I’ve always wanted.

You’re 3 Feet From Gold

(Fear of Criticism Keeps it Out of Reach)

My team and I work with the best of the best individuals and businesses.

But even the best of the best are sitting on untapped fortunes because you are leashed by the fear of criticism (or losing what you have).

One of our standout clients has spent his entire life dimming his power because he’s lost relationships – both with friends and family – when he outshined the people closest to him.

Threatened by his power, they attacked and ostracized him.

Eventually he assumed a defensive and weakened conditioning: “Never shine too brightly or I’ll lose those closest to me.”

Until we said f*ck that.

He locked in on something that he wanted so badly that it overwhelmed his previous fears.

We cracked him open.

Now he’s unleashed.

And he’s so powerful he even scares us sometimes.

The key?

Finding the thing you or your business want so badly that this:

Fear of Criticism > Full Self Expression

Does this:

Full Self Expression > Fear of Criticism


The Happy Ending from My Reader*

*I couldn’t resist.

“Now, if you’re still reading and not offended:

I have to tell you that I have enjoyed what you have sent and continue to fill my inbox with. I think it’s thoughtful, intriguing, sound advice and filled with legitimate observations. I share a lot of the same perspective and much of it has resonated with me.”