motivatedMany business owners would think that money is the best tool to motivate employees. This is a huge mistake. Surveys where participants were taken from different companies show that money is only ranked fifth or even lower by employees as their main motivators. This goes without saying that employees have other issues in mind to keep them inspired to work.

If money isn’t the best motivator for employees, what are they looking for? When motivating your employees, you should have three goals in mind. The first one is to show that you respect them. The second is to recognize their efforts, presence, and hard work. Finally, you need to show them a sense of accomplishment. These are the three critical issues you must address when motivating your employees, so how do you actually go about them properly?

Employees like to be involved with the progress of the company. Ask them for their suggestions and insights regarding new policies or managerial decisions that will affect them greatly. By simply showing that you value and respect what they have to say, they will instantly or eventually feel valued and appreciated. When the time comes that you’ll need to make some huge changes, your employees will be less likely to resist.

  • Talk to them.

Whether you hold an executive or supervisory position, you have to communicate with your employees. Just as much as you’d want to be updated with the company, they want to know the progress, too. This gives them a sense of responsibility (or a sense of accomplishment when it’s good news). Hold group meetings or send emails to employees. Whichever way you choose, you just have to make sure you regularly communicate with them.

  • Celebrate the good, manage the bad.

Employees want to be recognized for the work they’ve done. And rightfully so, you should celebrate the good work your employees have put into your company. This motivates them to always do better and makes them more driven to surpass expectations. Giving incentives, congratulatory cards and even making a personal phone call will be well-appreciated.

On the other hand, do not be too quick in punishing or letting go of employees who displayed poor performance. Talk to your managers personally and ask them what happened. Let them explain themselves and after that, tell them your expectations. If your employees see that you are willing to give them another chance, they will be motivated to do better. However, be firm about the need to deliver results.

  • Make their lives easier.

Why inconvenience your employees if you can do something to make their lives easier? For instance, your employees can use RingCentral internet fax instead of the traditional fax machine. The minutes they spend dialing busy fax numbers can be better used in more important tasks. Equip your employees with equipment, materials and the support they need. They will highly appreciate it and in return, they’ll be more productive at work.

  • Be an example.

If you want to gain the respect of your employees, return the respect that they give you. If you want them to work hard and become committed in what they do, show them your dedication and demonstrate how hard you work every day just like them. If you want your employees to be motivated and always enthusiastic, you should behave the same way. Your employees look up to you and the best way to guide everyone towards progress is to lead by example.

Happy and motivated employees are more productive, driven and has genuine concern in achieving the goals of the company. Follow these tips to keep them motivated and maintain a happy and positive work environment for everyone, including yourself.