It has been great to see the company I work for from a new set of eyes. In the past, I looked at things exclusively from the marketing side and shared those insights over the past few years on the

Today, as President I am also looking at a much broader picture and in the process I feel like I am in campaign mode every day. Each day, I am connecting with employees to learn more about their needs and to make sure we are working on a “growth” path together.

In addition, I am feeling the need to connect directly with clients and assure them that they can trust our company and know they will receive quality service and a first-rate support in answering their questions.

As I have found also found out, people are watching every move I make and they hang on to every word I say. There will always be people who question the direction of the company or feel their issues are not being addressed. In all of these cases, it really is about trust and consistency. People want to hold onto trust and they want to make sure the company is moving in the right direction.

As with other companies, turnover is also a part of the equation. Some people will start their employment while others will leave. It is a natural part of business and in all cases, it is important to learn from these transactions.

For me it has been a great two months. We have instituted a lot of change and I was amazed at how well the changes were accepted and how people really bought into the programs. Now after a month of reflecting, I am realizing more changes are needed and it needs to continue.

People are closely following today’s political primaries and are looking for candidates who will make a difference. People want change. In the past few years, the only changes that have occurred are those changes that a few people are making on behalf of the people being represented. In some circles, this is called a dictatorship of extreme control.

Proper change requires buy-in, trust and acceptance. It comes down to working with people fort change and not against people to enforce change.

I am going to continue to look at ways to improve current service offerings, improve client service and continue to bring people from all areas of the company together for a common goal.

From my experience in 2016, this philosophy is a win-win for everyone involved and that is what it is really about. If this looks and feels like a campaign? the answer is Yes – It is all about setting the right course of direction and following through.

photo credit: TG14_100914_RL5E6850_1920 via photopin (license)