Iron Man is one of my favorite super heroes. He’s smart, witty and simply just cool. If we pay attention we can take some valuable advice from Iron Man. Most of the time, we see him at home tinkering with his robots, but that’s just my point; he has the time to do that because his business runs itself and he has some pretty awesome qualities that we should all practice.

1.    He is NOT his company

Iron Man makes better use of his genius so he even delegated the CEO position. He applies his talent where it matters and where it’s needed most. He doesn’t let his talents and passions go to waste (saving the world) just because he created a job for himself.

Are you using your talents where they matter most?

If you go to bed at night wondering where your life is headed and what did your accomplishments get you so far, you have to start listening to what your inner voice is telling you.

What sets your heart on fire when you picture yourself doing it?

2. He tapped into his genius early in life

Iron Man didn’t wait until after college, or after getting married, or after working so many years to make use of his genius. Yes, he had a role model, his father. Chances are you did or do too. If you’ve ignored prudent advice and valuable mentoring you’ve been blessed to encounter, get moving, no matter your age. Age is just a number. It doesn’t limit you to what you can do.

I once stumbled upon a show by Paula White where she was discussing happiness in what you do. She said to know what makes you happy and/or what you should be doing as a profession, think back to when you were a child. What did you play? Teacher? Dancer? Singer? Did you play with animals a lot? Most likely, what you enjoyed played playing the most is probably what you should pursue as a career or as a passion. It seemed so logical to me. Children naturally do what makes them happy. Life is so simple and we complicate it so much.

3. He doesn’t have to be present to handle those rare emergencies

In part III when Iron Man had to choose between handling 1 emergency and still rescuing the people being thrown out of a plane, he was able to be en route to the 1st emergency while virtually guiding his pre-programmed suit to rescue the people floating in the sky. You too can remotely handle personal matters and your business without being physically present. Sometimes you’ll need to instruct, sometimes you won’t. If you don’t have time to put out every fire or just don’t want to do it (you shouldn’t want to), delegate to trusted people who will.

It’s no longer about wearing all the hats, but WHO you LET wear them.

4. He constantly compliments himself and boasts himself up

A lot of us were taught that it’s rude and/or conceited to toot one’s own horn. In some circles we’re even taught it’s a sin. You were given gifts so you could use them and share them with the world. There is nothing wrong with recognizing your talent and complimenting yourself. What is the point of working so hard and successfully reaching your goals if you’re not going to pat yourself on the back and cheer yourself up?

Know who you are and recognize what you’re excellent at!

5. He surrounds himself with well-trained, pre-programmed assistants

You might not need a lot of assistance all the time but man is it nice to have it when you’re in a pinch! (Think of times when you’ve wished there were 3 or 4 of you to accomplish everything). Have your team trained and ready (by delegating when there are no emergencies) and using your super cool streamlined processes that either you or they set up. When you have those fires to put out to keep your clients happy, to save a product, or to land an account, your team will be there to back you up. (Then you can pat yourself on the back for hiring them :))

6. He doesn’t take life too seriously

He constantly uses humor even in stressful situations. He enjoys himself while taking on the hardest job of all: saving the world.

Don’t take life so seriously. It really isn’t that long at all that you’re here. Might as well enjoy every minute of it, even through the not-so-fun parts.