Are you a morning person?

I am, I confess. I like to be up fairly early in the morning to check emails and get ready for my day, but also to catch up on blogs and news headlines, to go rollerblading, to get some things accomplished before the onset of phone calls and other distractions.

Not everyone is built that way, and I understand it. As an entrepreneur or a manager, though, it’s generally expected that you’re firing on all cylinders by 7:00 or 8:00 AM, if not earlier. So even if mornings don’t come easily to you, it’s worth developing some positive early-in-the-day habits to try and make the most of things.

Let me mention just a few such habits that I’d recommend—some things well worth attempting first thing in the morning. Take it from a motivational speaker like me—these habits can really invigorate your day!

Morning Habits for Busy People

Avoid reaching for your phone. I know—it’s tempting to immediately grab your phone to check your social feeds and your email inbox. But the last thing you want is for your day to begin with an email from an angry customer or a frustrated colleague. Instead of launching straight into digital communication, take some time to set your personal priorities for the day, to spend a few minutes with family, etc.

Do something for your health. The early morning is an ideal time to exercise, meditate, or simply go for a peaceful walk—something that can get your body active but allow your mind a peaceful transition into a new day.

Eat a healthy breakfast. No, not donuts and pastries—something high on lean proteins, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and grains, without overdoing it on the carbs. Give your body the fuel it needs for an energized day, without setting yourself up for a mid-morning sugar crash.

Be positive. What I mean by this is simply to engage in something that makes you happy—something that lifts your spirits and elevates your mental health. Taking a few minutes to read, draw, journal, or play guitar may really start your day off on the right foot.

Set your goals. Review your to-do list, and make a game plan for your day before you turn on your phone and greet your work day in earnest.

Start Your Day Off Right

Start your day with some healthy habits, and lay a foundation for success. Consider these habits, or any others that strike you as valuable. And if you need any help reorienting your work days, don’t hesitate to reach out to me to ask about my services as a motivational speaker or leadership coach.