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The New Year is a new opportunity—a chance to do better, to be better. One area where all businesses could stand to be better? Employee engagement.

The good news is, there are a number of avenues for improvement here. What follows are just a few resolutions I’d recommend as far as employee engagement goes. See if any of these line up with your own engagement goals!

Start by Making Sure You Have Employee Engagement Goals

If you can’t articulate your employee engagement goals—if you don’t have specific and measurable things you’d like to accomplish—then that’s step one.

Identify the things you’d like to accomplish in terms of your employee engagement. Pick goals that are challenging, but attainable. And make sure you define how you’ll know when you’ve reached your goal. What does success look like to you?

Identify Your Biggest Employee Engagement Obstacles

What’s standing in your way? What are the hurdles you must clear? What are the problems you must solve?

Articulating your obstacles is just as important as articulating your goals. After all, awareness of challenges is the first step toward solving them.

Conduct More Interviews

Once you have a clear sense of what you wish to achieve, it’s helpful to get input from your employees.

Surveys and interviews are invaluable here. A lot of companies are good about doing exit interviews. What you need is to start doing stay interviews. Check in with the people who work at your business, and get their feedback on engagement issues.

Push Your Perks

There are doubtless some perks to working at your company—but do your employees actually use them? Are they even fully aware of them?

This year, resolve to push them more. Talk up the benefits. Educate employees about why they should use these perks.

Identify the Disengaged

Here’s a tough one. If you really want a challenge this year, make it a priority to locate the team members who are actively disengaged. These are the dangerous employees, because their lack of engagement can spread to others.

Don’t make it into a witch hunt; just find the people who need help, and see what you can do to bring them on board. Make it clear that you just want to understand them. What’s the source of their resentment? And how can you make things better for them?

Resolve to Do Better with Employee Engagement

These are just a few ways in which you can resolve to engage your employees more effectively in the new year.