management ABCs

We all need something to make us smile; something different, once in awhile.

So invest the time now, if you please, to review the management ABCs. Give your brain a gentle jog, and enjoy this eccentric management blog.

A is for Attention. Pay attention to details. The business ignored by leadership is the business that derails.

B is for Business. Winners do not quit. If you want your business to succeed, steadfastly stick with it.

C is for Cash Flow. Watch your numbers, do not doze. You need to know when cash comes in, and monitor when it goes.

D is for Debt. How much do you owe? This is an important figure which is critical to know.

E is for Expenses. It’s a concept you must get. Manage your expenses and minimize your debt.

F is for Flexibility. Tomorrow is a mystery, it’s something you can’t see. So make your plans and set your goals with flexibility.

G is for Gains. Regardless of who your boss is, you want to strive for business gains, and not for business losses.

H is for Hot Tips. You have to watch for those. They often are not what they seem and not what you suppose.

I is for Interest. This is double edged, you see. High interest rates make lenders glad, but bum out the lendee.

J is for Junk Bond. Its rating is below heinous. The personage who buys it, though, believes they are a genius.

K is for Know. Do not be a victim. Know the scam, know the con. To stay afloat in business, you must know what’s going on.

L is for Loose Change. Regardless of amount, loose change is heavy, dirty and messy, and a real pain to count.

M is for Manipulation: Manipulation? Get a clue. This tactic will bounce back on you. The reputation risk could not be greater. Do not become a manipulator.

N is for Nod. Give a nod, don’t be a jerk. Credit staff who did the work.

O is for Outrageous. If you’re outrageous, without a buffer, it’s guaranteed your career will suffer.

P is for Proactive. Be proactive; get a clue. Don’t wait for life to blow up on you.

Q is for Quality. Regardless of your polity, always strive to attain and achieve the highest business quality.

R is for Risk. A lender often eyes it. In general, when you deal with risk, you want to minimize it.

S is for Stop Payment. Stop payment is what you have to do when a check you sent is lost. It is a bother and a pain, and carries a modest cost.

T is for time management. You spend your day frantically chasing every elusive dime. While the real rare commodity is that limited resource, time.

U is for Upside. Upside gains and downside risks, to investors, these do matter. They want to maximize the first, and minimize the latter.

V is for Vision. Don’t look to the past, to mistakes you made, with deep regret and sorrow. Look to the future, and boldly advance to a vision for tomorrow.

W is for Why. When you’re evaluating a proposed action, and you’re carefully working through it, think about its impact, and why you want to do it.

X is for Excellence. If a preeminent business leader is what you strive to be, remember first and foremost that excellence is key.

Y is for You. When the going gets tough and you’re muddling through it, have faith in yourself, and know you can do it.

Z is for Zealous. In business, be zealous. And make the rest jealous.

When you find you’re in a challenging bind, keep these basic thoughts in mind.

And since this style is highly informal, the future blogs will be back to normal.