I know what you’re thinking. After watching and scrutinizing the Lego Movie over and over again, you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to understanding the characters. Think again. While he is the villain, Lord Business–voiced by Will Ferrell–can teach us some highly effective concepts when it comes to management and organization.

He’s Not Afraid to Lay Down the Hammer…Literally

Lord Business is focused solely on his goal to take over the world. Just as in any other business, he strives to assert his authority not only over his competition but also over his workers. He is not afraid to make the hard decisions and is unrelenting in his pursuit of world domination…maybe a little insane but still unwavering about his decisions.


He Uses Pressure Marketing and Pathos-Based Connections Well

Aside from that fact that he controls all outlets of media in the world, Lord Business is a sharp marketer. He tries to play on his audience’s dreams and ambitions of fitting into the insipid society. It is crucial in any successful operation to understand the true motives of consumers and what gets them to tick–which in this case is obviously the alliteration in Taco Tuesday! Masking his true ambitions, Lord Business is able to project the audience’s hidden dreams and desires into his pathos and show excitement for his initiative.


He Went Large by Going Small First

Lord Business had an ultimate goal: to suppress everyone and maintain glued Legos (yuck!). However, he meticulously planned out smaller steps toward this ideal; hardening Bad Cop/Good Cop, destroying the utopian metropolis in the clouds, and–of course–Taco Tuesday are all minor inventions in his quest toward dominance. In any venture, it is necessary to plan small, whether that may be through grassroots marketing or specifically targeted SEO, in order to reach your final goal.

He Takes Advantage of His Resources…All of Them

While in reality quite naïve, Lord Business draws on his environment to suppress his foes. Nail polish remover, bandages, glue, and more are his tools of destruction and prominently displayed in his high rise office. It’s critical for any business to conserve–especially those just starting out. Take advantage of cost-effective marketing and SEO–Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes.

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