The excitement of running a business is no less than an adventure – an adventure where an owner has his own share of achievements and failures. The constant challenges are of a supreme degree, and require great insight, the power of multitasking, and generation of fresh ideas in order to stay one-step ahead of competitors. But it is also true that when things start taking a toll, it becomes real easy to break down and give up.

Do you remember spending sleepless nights as a kid, reading your favorite superhero comic books? If you do, then you might also remember that “giving up” is not what the superheroes teach us. Well, no one is going to get a neutron laser or an indestructible shield for sure! However, there are some effective and invaluable lessons every business owner can learn from his favorite superhero, and implement them on the business battlefield.

Superman – Know Your Own Weakness

Clark Kent has always been aware that Kryptonite is his weakness – his “Achilles Heel”. In certain situations, he also knows how to turn this weakness into an advantage. This is what makes him the toughest superhero to beat in battle.

In order to become successful, you must be well aware of the weaknesses and drawbacks of your own and your business. In your quest to overcome your drawbacks, you are bound to fall and learn from your mistakes. But eventually, you’ll be able to come up with something which will turn you into a focused, invincible “super” human.

Batman – Establish Your Network

Establishing a network requires a lot of energy and time, but it is perhaps the most effective tool that takes you all the way to the front. The reason why Bruce Wayne has always been able to outsmart his adversaries is because of his wide range of connections. These connections, like Alfred and Robin, are his sources of strength in the darkness of Gotham City.

Similar to the Dark Knight, it is your networks which can connect you with new partners. And thus, it becomes easier for you to find potential news paths to victory.

Iron Man – Leveraging The Latest Technology

Iron Man is one fine example where “a superhero is made, not born”. And it doesn’t take much for a pure genius like Tony Stark to stay ahead of his opponents all the time. It is just him making good use of technology, and creating the best gadgets for his arsenal.

So what is there for business owners to learn from Iron Man? It is your ability of being always open to the latest trends in technology. Moreover, it is also about your genius to mix and match them to use it in your favor – something will become the key to your survival in the world of modern business.

Flash – Having Lightning Fast Reflexes

You don’t need to be super fast in every thing you do! But when it comes to taking an instant reaction to a rising issue in your business, the super-speed of Barry Allen a.k.a. Flash always comes in handy.

From a competitor’s product launch or a controversial comment in social media to an unexpected crisis due to the absence of a team member, it is only your lightning fast reflexes which can save the day. It is a golden rule in today’s world of business: “The faster are your reactions, the better are the benefits”. After all, every successful business owner makes it a point to take decisions in a matter of minutes and not days or weeks.

Aquaman – Dominating A Niche That Nobody Wants

Aquaman has almost all the regular superhero abilities like super-speed and super-strength. However, he is also the only superhero who can stay underwater for an indefinite period of time. In fact, his authority is such that he has become the ruler of the seas and the undersea territories – a realm which nobody ever dared to enter or master.

So come up with offbeat and out-of-the-box ideas, and have complete control over them. This will give you the power to separate yourself from your competitors – something that will increase your chances of getting the desired attention.

Captain America – Becoming An Inspiration

Why did the Avengers follow Captain America? Because he is the ultimate team player, and knows very well that a man is made by his team. This is the reason why he always pushes himself to become better, and inspires people around him to become better too.

Never let a fall discourage your team. Be the perfect leader, and be motivational. Always keep a smiling face, and keep the boat steady with firm hands.

Wolverine – Picking Yourself Up After Every Fall

Why do we fall? So that we learn to pick ourselves up. Wolverine comes back to fight even after experiencing the gravest injuries. All thanks to his superhuman healing factor, he recovers from virtually any wound in no time.

Train your mind to imbibe this superhuman healing factor. Forget about how hard you fell down! Instead, look at your fall in a brighter light – you are getting a chance to learn from your mistakes. A failure, after all, is nothing but an important lesson which helps us come back to the battlefield stronger and fiercer than ever.

A Final Word:

Do you have a superhero advice you want to share? Or any special ability you want to add? Feel free to express yourself.

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