jol 186x189Life-changing moments, which alter how you think, behave and react, are rare occurrences.

Most of us tend to operate each day in the exact same manner as we did the day before because humans are most comfortable when things are predictable, steady and controllable.

Our innate need for predictability and consistency is an ancient design that allows us to know when something is a threat or unsafe and propels us into appropriate action. It is this very design that enabled our predecessors to escape, coexist and even hunt saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths – a truly amazing feat! But today, this need for predictability becomes an obstacle when we contend with the ever-changing and increasingly global business environment. Our competition is more intense and our products and ideas don’t last as long as they once did.

So, how can we stay competitive in this kind of marketplace? How can we keep hold of our market share? Is there a better way to sustain organizational performance?

Leadership learning.

Great leadership is hard to find and even harder to keep. I know that leadership learning is the only way for an organization to stay ahead of the competition and that it is the most important resource for driving business performance. Simply put, organizations that continuously invest in, and improve, their leadership ability outperform the companies that don’t.

The highest performing learning organizations think holistically, promote open dialogue, tolerate mistakes, and thrive through continuous change. One of the best ways for an organization to get to this level of continuous learning is with authentic leadership development that is grounded in experience, because what we learn is important but it is the way that we learn that makes what we learn stick. Learning that draws from experiential design, truly engages the participant and accelerates the application of real skills in a practical way.

Leadership learning that draws from experiential design allows us to understand what it means to be a leader intellectually, and provides us with a platform to appreciate the concepts emotionally. It is the most effective way to build our repertoire of leadership behavior. The greater our skill set, the more options you have in terms of how to lead yourself and how to lead others through issues and situations that will drive better business performance for you, your team and the organization as a whole.

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