Leaders are defined by the depth of their vision, the strength of the teams they built and the successes they achieve. They communicate well and openly, are committed to their profession and motivate people around them to become successful. Leaders are creative, bold and charismatic. These traits and more define what good leaders are and should be. But by having all these traits isn’t a leader a superhuman?

There’s much written about the characteristics of leaders and how they should behave. If you read enough you’ll realize that combined these traits are defining a superhuman. Is it really possible for a leader to be a superhuman? Are they really expected to be “flawless” role models who repeatedly achieve success? Is this the reality that every leader is aiming for?

Is It The End If You’re Not A Superhuman Leader?

Leaders, like everyone, are humans. Sure, there are high expectations from them and often the weight of the company rests on their shoulders. It’s not an easy position to be in. Nonetheless, they are humans. And like so many other humans, they too will make mistakes and they too will have some flaws. Does that mean they aren’t good leaders?

Having flaws is automatically perceived as a weakness. In the corporate world where talented people are aiming to be successful there’s not much the weak can achieve. Sooner than later they’ll get passed on for someone who’s more ‘competent’. Though it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if you’re quick to react and have planned contingencies. Just as the saying goes, “fail fast, fail often” so you can quickly move on to achieving success. A good leader knows that even though they may fail, how quickly they bounce back, learn and adapt to shift things in their favor is what makes them greater leaders.

What It Means To Be Human

If you truly believe that there’s no such thing as a ‘born leader’ and that leaders are ‘made’, then you’ll believe that leaders are created from the ranks of talented individuals. These talented individuals are all of us. And none of us are really superhumans. We’re all striving to tap into our true potential. We’re all dedicated and committed to achieve success. And while we all may possess some flaws, we’re working on figuring them out, learning from our mistakes and shortcomings and bettering ourselves to be equipped to handle future challenges. We’re all humans!

Leaders are just that as well. Like us, they’re trying to overcome their shortcomings, learning from mistakes and striving to achieve success. Like us, they leverage their talent, skills and experience to extract their full potential to lead a company and individuals to future growth. Like us, they have families and friends that are connected to them. They have ambitions and goals in life. Like us, they face challenges and roadblocks which they must overcome. They have dreams and visions too.

There’s a leader in all of us. To be a leader start by leading, motivating and grooming yourself. Be a role model to yourself. To be a leader, you don’t have to possess superhuman abilities and traits. You don’t have to be extraordinary and gifted. You simply have to be the best of yourself.

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