Inside Strategies for the LA Dodgers Winning Season

The boys of summer are just getting warmed up for the season. Then out of left field, the L.A. Dodgers are thrown a wild card. Talk to any baseball fan and they will comment on the L.A. Dodgers takeover by Bud Selig, the baseball commissioner.

Although Selig’s move is to return order where chaos has reigned, it has the makings of a corporate takeover.

The majority of the attention is placed on the admin side of the team to regain financial control of their business operations.

If you have ever been part of a corporate takeover, you know the turmoil which ensues internally. The breakdown of communication from the top down easily leads to suspicion, confusion and survival. Should I jump ship or stick it out? Will I have a job when the dust settles?

While Selig is trying to figure out who will temporarily run the team until they can find new owners who is minding the store?

The Dodgers have a long history as a team. They have the ability to weather through a corporate transformation. The question is whether they are going to survive or thrive.

Their heart is in baseball. With the right tools, the players will pull through the corporate turmoil, winning back their devoted fans.

Transitioning an underdog into a superstar is possible. The L.A. Dodgers need to think out of the box for their solution. It is more than just continuing to play, working on their swings and techniques. Focusing solely on the technical aspects prevents any team from developing the qualities necessary for sustained wins.

Although they are second from the bottom in earned run averages for baseball, it can be turned around. Interested in how it can be done?

Well, here is the plan I have developed for the L.A. Dodgers if they chose to work with me.


Focus on the players during this management realignment. Instead of treating them like stepchildren, do what is necessary to build morale.

1. The players need to remain informed of the changes to their team.

2. The players need to have their concerns voiced and heard.

3. Develop a strong team mission to unite the team to a common cause, identifying their purpose.

4. Create a positive mindset, focusing on what is possible. If they believe they can do something, then they will.

5. When the players know how to effectively deal with distractions, limiting beliefs and low confidence, their performance improves.


Improved performance builds morale. The fans will rally behind them, boosting the players confidence of what is possible. Ticket sales will increase because the team will be playing a better ball game.

The primary goal is maintaining sight of what is possible, having a great season, playing the best game ever for themselves, the team and their fans. Let’s make this a history making opportunity where the L.A. Dodgers stuck it out and came back stronger than ever. They have done it before when they moved from Brooklyn to L.A., winning the World Series after their second season in L.A. It can be done again. Now is the time.

Activity: Identify your performance goal in your sport. What motivates you to compete, improve performance and move up in rankings? The underlying motivation will give you the incentive to keep progressing even when you feel stuck. Create a mantra or rally cry you can use to maintain focus and determination.

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