Many of us seek leadership positions because we hope they will afford us the kind of lifestyle we want—but it doesn’t always happen that way. Often, the pressures of leadership lead to long hours in the office, unhealthy habits, and a general decrease in quality of life.

But can anything be done about it? I certainly think so—but it requires you to make some choices, develop new habits, and be resolute about preserving your health, your happiness, and your sanity.

What Can You Do to Improve Quality of Life?

Here are some specific actions you might take, in no particular order.

Steer clear of toxic people. Take inventory of the people in your life; is there anyone who drags you down, or constantly discourages you? Those toxic influences can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing. It can be painful, but cutting out those relationships may be the answer.

Unplug. Being glued to your smartphone or tablet at all hours of the day can have a corrosive effect on your mental, emotional, and even physical health; for instance, did you know that the blue light from your electronics messes with your sleep cycle? Devote an hour or two per day where you put the device out of sight and out of mind. I recommend right before bedtime.

Practice mindfulness in the morning. One key to improved quality of life is being in the moment. Try this: When you wake up each morning, take five minutes to simply appreciate where you are. Be still and quiet, and meditate on the things you have to be thankful for.

Get organized. While some people benefit from clutter, most don’t, and in fact a disorganized work area can actually be a major cause of stress. Take some time to get seriously organized, and provide yourself with a stress-free work environment.

Collect inspiration. Keep a running list of quotes or sayings you come across that offer you encouragement, and revisit it when you’re feeling dispirited.

Break big goals into smaller steps. If you’re feeling daunted by the big milestone you want to reach by year’s end, try breaking it down into a few simpler tasks you can carry out this week.

Learn how to say no. Give yourself permission to decline some offers or inquiries this week, freeing more time to focus on the most important things on your to-do list. Practice not over-committing yourself.

With these steps, you can enjoy your life more; you can be healthier, happier, and more useful in the workplace.