How To Gain The trust Of Your EmployeesTrust in an important factor necessary for a harmonious working environment. Without trust, tasks will never get completed. Managers will end up micromanaging and employees will, well, you won’t have any more employees left. Earning your employees’ trust should be the first thing you concentrate on, especially if it’s a new hire.

Here are a few points to consider to help you earn their trust easily:

  • Promote open communication – when you encourage your employees to communicate with you, you not only build trust in your relationship but also help your projects get completed faster.
  • Stand by your words – when you promise something to your employees – such as free lunch or dinner when your sales people get enough successful appointments – then by all means deliver on that promise. Nothing destroys productivity and enthusiasm than crushed hopes.
  • Give trust in return – showing your employees that you trust them with important responsibilities such as fixing the problems of a big client or managing the telemarketing team to find needed sales leads, will make them strive to excel on that task and prove to you that you are not wrong by choosing them.
  • Spend time just being part of the team – instead of always walking around the office with the air of a strict boss, spend time just chatting with your employees and getting to know them as people. Having lunch or dinner with them occasionally will help build trust and camaraderie, while still maintaining your position as the leader.
  • Don’t belittle employees – when they commit errors, and they eventually will, take them into the office and correct them there. Don’t embarrass them in front of their coworkers. By doing this, your employees will see that you value their integrity, and will give you their trust just as you trust they will do better next time.
  • Act your position – while it is beneficial that you spend time with your employees as friends, never forget that you are still the boss. Remember to watch your words and actions whenever you deal with your employees.

Earning employee trust can be easy enough, but if for some reason you end up losing it, it will be difficult to regain. It’s the same with your sales leads, which is why you should treat your employees in much the same manner that you treat your sales leads.

This post originally appeared at Callbox Sales and Marketing